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Author Topic: Who is the Nazi that designed the rear lateral adjusting link?  (Read 627 times, 0 Replies)
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« on: May 06, 2017, 11:10:11 PM »

Hey Everyone just a bit of a rant here on what seemed like a pretty simple job.

So I get a wheel alignment a few months back and now I have a pretty wicked sway in the back end. It kind of feels like driving in a strong gusty side wind. I was a mechanic by trade (but became a mechanical supervisor a while back), so I know what I am doing but can be a bit rusty at times (skill fade is a real thing). I inspected the rear suspension and found that the moron doing the wheel alignment likely used air tools and end up ripping the bushings loose. So I finely get around to getting the parts, was pretty happy as I got OEM parts for a good price, as one thing I have learned over the years is that OEM may be pricey but you usually pay for the cheap parts later on. So anyway two bolts to remove and we are golden. So I hosed down everything really good with penetrating oil for good measure, I live in Alberta and we do not use sand on the roads soooo should not be a problem coming apart right? Well the end that attaches to the hub assy comes apart like butter, off to a good start. So the next one Holy baby Jesus, no room for air tools have to wrench them off, not too bad, soaked in weasel piss and we are off. So no problem getting the two nuts off so now just got to pull the stud out. This stud is locked in there good. IF I was in a shop I would just zap them it off with the torch, but Noo I am at home sans torch, I have a little propane burner but that is about it. Now I think I may be screwed. I can throw it all back together  but as luck would have it starts pouring rain on me. I will attempt again tomorrow I have an idea of how I am going to get that stud out. Going to let it soak in the penetrating oil  overnight and put on a half dozen washers on the one side and crank her down till she comes out. Unless I can think of something better by tomorrow...  Bang Head
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