New Bulletin for Air Bag Light Jan.15th 2009 #08-09-41-011B


Had a 08 Acadia in today for this very concern.

Was able to wiggle yellow air bag connector at the front of the passenger seat which would turn the air bag

light on and off.

Hope this helps someone...

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#08-09-41-011B: Pinched Wire, SIR Light On, DTC B0014 and B0021 Set in Sensing and Diagnostics Module (SDM) (Repair Wires, Connector Between Seat Mounted Side Impact Airbag and Body Harness) - (Jan 15, 2009)

Subject: Pinched Wire, SIR Light On, DTC B0014 and B0021 Set in Sensing and Diagnostics Module (SDM) (Repair Wires, Connector Between Seat Mounted Side Impact Airbag and Body Harness)

Models: 2008-2009 Buick Enclave

 2009 Chevrolet Traverse

 2008-2009 GMC Acadia

 2008-2009 Saturn OUTLOOK


This bulletin is being revised to add Saturn P/N 12345579. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 08-09-41-011A (Section 09 -- Restraints).


Some customers may comment that the SIR light is on, or has been on recently. Using a scan tool, the technician can determine that any of the following codes may be set in the SDM: B0014 02, B0014 04, B0014 0D, B0014 0E, B0021 02, B0021 04, B0021 0D or B0021 0E.

The codes can be set when the SDM senses a change in resistance in the circuit for the seat mounted side impact side airbag. The change in resistance can be small and it can be temporary but the SDM can still sense the change and set a code. In this case, the airbags will work as intended in a crash but the system should be checked for the cause of the resistance change. The source of the issue can be at or in the connector that connects the airbag from the seat to the body harness. This connector is located at the front of the driver (B0014 LF Side Deployment Loop) or passenger (B0021 RF Side Deployment Loop) seat as shown in figures 1 and 2 below.

Note:  The seat mounted side impact airbag connection to the body harness is located at the forward edge of the seat, below the plastic trim. The connectors are yellow. The body harness wires are exposed -- running forward in vehicle, down through the carpet cutout in the floor.



DO NOT replace the SDM, side sensor or Airbag Modules.

Important: Follow the steps below for both Driver and Passenger seat mounted side impact airbags even if only one DTC error code is set.

Move the seat full forward and rearward while inspecting the body side wiring into the connector. Look for signs of damage such as pinching, pulling, or signs of stress on the insulation. Repair damaged wire if required, leaving enough slack for strain relief.
With the ignition OFF, disconnect, reconnect and disconnect the connector to wipe away any possible terminal surface debris (3 cycles, minimum). Apply Nyogel lubricant/grease** generously to both male and female terminals and reconnect the connector. Ensure that the connector is fully seated and the CPA is locked.
**Use Nye Lubricants Nyogel 760G for this procedure, which is available through Service Parts. The GMSPO part numbers for Nyogel 760G are 12377900 (U.S.) and 10953529 (Canada). Saturn retailers use P/N 12345579.

Secure Body Harness to Seat Wire Bundle


Using a wire tie, secure the body harness to the seat wire bundle near the connector to provide strain relief, ensuring there is enough slack for full range of motion of the seat.
Wire Too Tight


If the body side wire is too tight to secure with strain relief as shown in step 3, release the connectors from the clip under the seat and secure them to the nearby seat wire harness bundle using wire ties. Position the connectors in an outboard orientation so they can be secured with ample clearance to nearby components when the seat is moved through the full range of motion.
Secure Wires in 3 Places


Route the connectors along nearby seat wires and secure in the following three places with wire ties. Refer to the graphic.
 -  around wires on airbag side of connector

 -  around connectors

 -  around wires on body harness side of connector

Inspect the wires through the full range of motion of the seat again as in step 1. Ensure that the wires have been secured in an orientation that allows full seat motion with adequate clearance to the connectors and sufficient slack in the wires.
Turn the ignition on and use the diagnostic tool to clear the SDM DTCs and verify that the issue has been corrected. If the code is still current, refer to the appropriate diagnostic procedure found in SI.
Vehicles Built BEFORE October 1, 2007 ONLY:
The original side impact airbag harness routing through the seat had a potential of "pinched" wires in two locations. Inspect the following locations for a pinched wire condition. Reroute the wire harness. If the harness is damaged, replace the airbag module as necessary.

Recline Mechanism
The original wire routing allowed for occasional movement of the wire into the recline mechanism, where it could get pinched. Reroute the wire harness inboard of the original routing. The seat trim hook will ensure that the wire harness is secured inboard of the recline mechanism.

Important: The front seat back trim is retained by two spring retainer clips at the top and two tabs at the bottom. To avoid damage during removal, insert a flat-bladed tool from the side and push inward on one of the top retainer clips to release the panel while pulling rearward at the top of the panel. Repeat on the opposite side.

Note:  The clip has a notch for placement of the flat-bladed tool.

Original Harness Routing


Rerouted Wiring Harness


Seat Frame
The original wire harness routing (on top of the flex mat wire) is secured with two white clips. The white clips have a loose fit, and the clips can easily rotate. If the harness was routed directly above the flex mat wire (below the seat foam), the harness wire could be pinched against the flex mat wire when an occupant sits on the seat.

Important: The wire routing can be confirmed by reaching under the seat. There is no need to remove the trim and foam from the seat to confirm the wire routing. Start at the front edge of the seat - at the yellow connector pair, and follow the corrugated tubing rearward under the seat. If the passenger seat is detrimmed to reroute the harness, follow the instructions in SI for proper R&R, taking care to rezero the PPS using the Service Diagnostics Tool.

Wire Pinched Between Foam and Flex Mat


The wire routing will remain the same, however the wire harness should be secured so it is not pinched between the foam and the flex mat wire.

Secured Wire Below Flex Mat


Warranty Information
For vehicles repaired under warranty, use:

Labor Operation
 Labor Time
 Wiring and/or Connector - Seat Mounted Side Airbag - Repair
 0.1-0.5 hr
* This is a unique labor operation for bulletin use only. This number will not be published in the Labor Time Guide.
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thx...good info!

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