2009 Buick Enclave Entertainment Package #4

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I just got my Enclave CXL FWD with entertainment package #4. I thought it came with a 6 disc changer? Does not seems like mine had it. So just wanted to see if it came with a changer or just a single CD player.

Can I not play music and DVD for rear entertainment in parallel.


One Disc at a time only. I haven't tried it but I believe you can listen to Radio while Rear is watching DVD. Maybe someone else can elaborate a little on it. Rocketman 8)

I was also under the same impression of 6 discs, and was also suprised by having only a 1 disc player.  On long road trips when radio reception isn't always available, I use the cord that comes with iPods, connect it to the right of the navigation screen, and listen to playlists off the iPod while the kids are in back watching a movie - hope that helps...

I think only entertainment pkg 1 comes with 6 disk changer.

I have #2 and have both a DVD slot and CD slot.  I can listen to a CD while the rear watches a movie.

Does #3 and #4 lose the CD slot in order to allow the Nav to use the disk?

C Traz:
For 2009, Entertainment packages #1, 2, 3, and 4 all have a single CD player.  The entertainment package #4 Nav/radio uses the same slot for both CD and DVD.



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