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09 Enclave Injector issues

Hi All,

As I have read through the fuel injector issues with the 09 Enclave, I'm getting concerned that my own issues with the 09 Enclave are not resolvable.

My Dad gave me his 09 Buick Enclave three years ago, and it has certainly had many issues since then. It was gently driven [both when he drove it and with me] but the front struts needed to be replaced at 60K.

One year ago my fuel injector #2 failed. The Buick place replaced it and also replaced the spark plugs [cost was $940].

One year later -- two weeks ago, fuel injector #6 failed, and #2 skipped enough with codes for the independent mechanic whom I trust to replace it as well. He also replaced the ignition coil pack. The codes that OnStar gave me were: P2180, P0087, P0089, P02B1, P0300, and P0306 [cost was $709].

Honestly, it seems to me, judging by the other forum posts on this issue, that the fuel injector system is a bust on this vehicle. Do I need to attempt to sell the car, or am I jumping the gun and over-reacting?

The car has been very convenient for me otherwise -- it drives comfortably, and also has the space that I need for transporting a dog in a large crate in the back [and other items] for K9 SAR work.

My main issues are concerns with reliability and also the cost of continually replacing various injectors [and the surrounding parts as they fail when the injector fails].

I would welcome any counsel available, both with attempting to maintain the fuel injectors or with advice about selling the car and starting over [only with, I'm afraid, a Honda or Toyota -- this experience has been a confidence-loss for me with Buick].
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addition to the post -- maintenance or selling advice needed

I don't see a way of editing my post, but I'm interested in either 1) ways that I can maintain/help the injector issue to prevent the same failure from occurring or 2) whether the 09 injector issue is really just a permanent issue that can't be helped and should have been recalled [which would tell me to sell the vehicle].
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I dont think Ive seen many fuel injector related failures on the Traverse/Acadia/Enclave forum.

You may just have been unfortunate to get the failures.
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Thanks rbarrios -- I would so love for that to be the case! I did look for the injector issues in the 09s and it does seem to have been a forum topic with some awfully long threads of people piling on with the same issues. But perhaps I was just looking for them and that's why I noticed.

But the other troubling thing for me is I've had to replace the #2 injector twice in a matter of 12 months. I don't think there would be two flawed injectors at the same site and so I have to wonder if there's an issue in the entire system of the 09.

Anyway -- I'd love to have the hope that this won't keep happening -- but this second-time failure has me extremely concerned now.
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P2180 means System Too Rich Off Idle Bank 2. Most common causes involves Bank 2's air/fuel ratio oxygen sensor or a faulty mass airflow sensor (MAF)
P0087 means Fuel Rail System Pressure Too Low. Most common causes involve a fuel pump.
P0089 means Fuel Rail Pressure Regulator Control Circuit. Most common causes involve a fault fuel pressure regulator, fuel pressure sensor wiring harness is open or shorted or poor connection.
P02B1 means Cylinder 6 Injector Leaking, which could be the problem causing the other codes
P0300 means Random Cylinder Misfire, meaning any and likely multiple cylinders misfiring
P0306 means Cylinder #6 Misfire

Given this, it appears to me to be a situation where the #6 cylinder is leaking fuel when it should be closed. There isn't much that I see with these engines that suggests injectors are a major problem. Either you are just an unfortunate person having more than normal fuel injector failures, or the fuel injectors are fine and you are having something grounding the ground circuit between the fuel injectors and the PCM/ECU (not unheard of). It would be best if you could take a known cylinder problem injector and swap it with an injector that has no issue and see if the DTC codes follow the original #6 injector, or if the DTC code continues to say a problem with #6 injector - if the latter, I would be looking at the wiring integrity and potentially the PCM/ECU.
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Thank you so much 90AllTrac, I appreciate the response -- the #6 was replaced, along with the ignition coil pack, as well as the #2 [which was skipping] and all the codes resolved. I has been running well since the repair, but I'm still a little shell-shocked from the suddenness of the failure [as well as the suddenness of the failure one year ago!] . . .

I may be "just an unfortunate person"!!! ; > )

The reason why I had wondered, is that I had read on one of the threads that the 09 was the Enclave's first DI engine [of course, that could have been wrong] and the 09 had had issues.

Here are a few threads where the issues seemed awful and like they will continue.

Is there anything I should be doing from a maintenance standpoint to prevent the injector failures?
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Relative to injector failures and maintenance to try to reduce the potential for failure, about the only things I can think of would be to use a Top Tier gasoline (always) and use the Techron fuel additive (once every oil change interval approximately).
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Hello Sarah!
Can you tell me what initiated your concern for the fuel injector issue? I mean, did it affect your ride?
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Thanks 90AllTrac -- I'll add those things to my list. When you say "Top Tier" gasoline, do you mean the highest grade, OR Shell/Chevron/Exxon/etc? Or both?
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Hi IokLady -- when the fuel injector fails, the car loses lots of power [suddenly] and eventually shuts down. White smoke pours out of the back exhaust as fuel is dumped all over various internal parts of the car [also causing, eventually, some of them to have to be replaced].

It's "not minor" so to speak -- it's radical, sudden, and has occurred with no warning at least in my vehicle. All of a sudden, I'm driving along and the drama starts -- with instant effects. Of course, the engine light turns on and lots of beeping, but it would not be possible to miss it even if no engine light turns on.

Besides the suddenness of it, it's also, honestly, pretty dangerous. Sometimes one can "limp home" or get somewhere nearby. But if this had happened on a high-traffic interstate highway it would not have been pretty.

That's the big issue for me -- that it makes the Enclave ***unreliable***.

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