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Originally Posted by rbarrios View Post
nearing 150,000 on my 2010 Trans.
...The discs were $30 or so- they tear- from Flexing...
GM should have NEVER used such a cheap part to begin with. It's stupid things like this that can cause these transmissions to fail on owners at the wrong time, increasing the likelihood of crashes and people getting hurt, all for some executive to get a bigger bonus thru all the cost savings.

I really think that had GM made the Lambdas very reliable, they would have made a lot more sales in the long run. Just look at what Toyota is doing with the Highlander as proof. I'm glad GM did fix the transmissions in later years.

Rbarrios, I did want to thank you for all your posts on this forum on how to fix these vehicles. Your advice has helped a lot of us.

2009 Enclave CX Gold Mist FWD, Bose stereo, Driver confidence pkg.
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