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I fell your pain when i hear all the problems that are had with these cars.I owned an 09 Traverse LTZ that i bought as a demo with 7000 miles. First year model run. Nice car, put 77000 miles on it. Never left me stuck anywhere. Had lots of problems. Kept it under warranty the whole time. Did not cost a lot of out of pocket money other than what i paid for the warranty, That was worth every penny. I will not be with a warranty with these modern cars. I understand when people are upset when these cars become a problem around and after 100000 miles. There was a time that if a car lasted longer than 60000 you were thrilled. Personally i don't fell that buying a car with over 100000 mile is a good investment. And if you bought it new and got 100000 you did real good.I know I'm going to hear about all the Hondas and Toyotas That get much more than that. Well right know i own a 2015 Enclave Premium. Bought used with 5000 miles and 18 months old. Three years later and 31000 miles, still has original Tires, Brakes, Never been to the Dealer since i bought it. A friend bought a Toyota top of the line crossover at the same time i did.. Replaced full set of brakes, Three sets of tires and trips to the dealer. He has just about the same milage as i do. So theres good and bad with every car maker, and you never know what you will get when you buy a vehicle.

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