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2018 Avenir - electronic emergency brake - fault

Hi, Looking to see if anyone else has had any problems with the electronic e-brake. Our 2018 Avenir has had 2 instances of the brake activating and not being able to be deactivated via the button. The situation happened 2 times, about 2 weeks apart. The first time the problem happened just down the street from our house after the car was put into park, we could drive the car back to the house safely with the brake still activated. The problem went away after parking the car overnight. The second time happened when the vehicle was in motion and like the first time it didn't lock up the rear wheels and my wife drove it (with some difficulty) to the dealer. The inspected the brakes and said there was no wear and they didn't detect any brake burning smell. They found 2 error codes but couldn't reproduce the problem so they did a re-calibration per some tech bulletin. The re-calibration apparently re-syncs the brake module to the button (sounds odd to me). Nothing was replaced and GM won't authorize any proactive replacements unless it happens again.

Anyone else experience something similar?
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Had mine for 18 months now and haven't seen that problem. Wonder if the push button might be the problem. But with all the computer stuff who knows . Be watching to see if it happens to you again and what the dealer does about it.

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I have not had the problem either. The brake also releases automatically just by accelerating. Does yours do that? If it happens again I would go back to the dealer and tell them to correct it. It sounds like a problem with the linkage getting stuck. Don't let them snowball you.

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Yep, it usually does automatically release, but both times this happened it didn't though. I'm wondering if mileage factors in too. We have 21K miles on the car right now, we're doing close to 18k/year. It stays in a garage overnight so exposure to weather is somewhat limited - although it has seen a small amount of snow and of course the heavy rains last winter. It's my wife's daily driver and she's driving our daughter all over the place every day (hence the mileage), it's getting well used.

We'll have to see if it happens again and see what parts the dealer decides to replace.
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21.8K on my 2018 and not seeing that issue.
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We've had the same... did you try holding down the parking brake button for about 10 seconds? That does some sort of "reset" that released the brake for us.

Also had the calibration applied .... hasn't come back, so there's that.

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Thumbs down 1 month later...

Well the problem happened again last night, too late to have the dealer see it first hand. We had to have the car towed, there was no way to drive it with the stuck parking brake. It left my wife and daughter stuck in an intersection when it came on. I dread to think what would have happened if it had been earlier in the day with busy cross traffic, she could have been t-boned! It was a major inconvenience having to drive out to go pick them up last night and wait an hour for the tow truck to arrive, at least no one was hurt, just a number of angry motorists honking at the car when she was stuck.

I have opened a case with GM corporate, and they are looking into it but seem to be saying that unless they see the problem or can get an error code from the computer there's very little they can do. We do have a picture of "Service Parking Brake" screen when the brake was locked up this time... the dealer did see the problem last time and did the "brake calibration" but this is now about 1 month later and the problem happened again, I'm really quickly losing confidence in this car being able to safely transport my family.

I hope the dealer was able to see the problem, we haven't heard from them with any kind of diagnosis yet, granted they have only had the car since they opened at 7a this morning.
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yep, we tried holding the button down, it didn't make any difference, the brake continued to stay engaged. Not sure if it was for 10 seconds though, but it was for at least 4-5 seconds.

The flatbed driver tried a few things too but ended up putting the rear wheels on some sort of skids to get it up on the bed of the truck.
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After reading your post the first time I didn't realize the brake was activating by itself. I thought it was getting stuck after you activated it. That's a pretty serious issue. If it were me, I would bring it back to the dealer, ask for a loaner and tell them you will be leaving it there until the problem is resolved. If they refuse that, look into your state's lemon laws.

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update July 27:
The dealer agreed that the car was dangerous to drive and requested to keep it another day to run additional tests. Turns out that meant driving it home with a diagnostic computer attached to see if they could replicate the problem. They were unable to replicate the issue. They cleared the 2 errors again, did a recalibration on the body controller and another recalibration on the parking brake controller and asked us to monitor it. I just love how they want me to put my family at risk to see if the problem comes back.

I have a separate case opened with GM Corporate... here's where it gets strange... They have pulled all the repair history from the dealer for the vehicle and have determined that the recalibration of the parking brake performed in June doesn't count as a repair, yet somehow the recalibration of the parking brake and body controller performed last week was a repair. So although they actually saw the problem in June and didn't see the problem a month later and both times there were identical error codes that they read (and documented) and cleared, and the corrective action both times was a recalibration... only one counts as a repair. That makes no sense to me, but probably provides some legal or financial protection to GM.

Apparently the June event has a note that says the technician couldn't duplicate. The one this week didn't have that exact wording but was also not replicated by the tech. It was very difficulty to get a straight answer from the GM Support person why one was a repair and one wasn't - there is clearly some training on how to handle this sort of situation related to consumer safety. Multiple times she referred me to an external site to see the specifics of the California buy back law when I was trying to ask why one recalibration was considered a repair and one wasn't. In my view they attempted to fix the same problem twice and both times couldn't tell me what happened - I think all she was trying to do was get me off the phone.

Coming from an engineering background and working in the tech field for 30 years, I would expect a recalibration to be needed when something has worn, stretched or become corrupt in memory. Think of a position sensor to activate the parking brake on and off. It's binary (on/off) but it needs to know which way to go or how far to pull a cable or push fluid to activate the brake. After a year or normal driving the system suddenly needs a recalibration tells me something has changed somewhere in the system. Yet nothing is apparently worn, everything passes the visual inspection and GM won't authorize replacement of anything that doesn't have an error code and can be replicated by the tech. At this point the dealer is basically hoping it doesn't activate again as their hands are tied by GM on what they can do. By the way, there is a tech bulletin on this, so apparently it's been seen multiple times before - at least enough times to send a notice out to the dealerships. The tech bulletin says to inspect and replace 4 parts for wear and perform the recalibration. Unfortunately I wasn't given a copy, but the parts were brake pads, brake fluid, an actuator and I don't remember what the last one was.

So I will see where this goes next week. I have asked for a root cause, but I don't think they will (or can) tell me why the parking brake activated 2 times while the car was in motion (at low speed) and why it wouldn't release once it self activated, leaving the car in the middle of an intersection one time and in the middle of the road twice. The only similarity between the situations was the car had been recently parked with the parking brake activated and the parking brake self-activated after the car came to a stop and started moving again.
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