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  1. 2017 model year: Convenience vs. Leather vs. Premium
  2. Buick Cascada, success or failure?
  3. Buick Enclave's paint quality
  4. Suicide Doors ???
  5. Hood paint bubbling or License plate paint peeling?
  6. Average real-life tread life experience
  7. As of September 2015, does your 2008 Enclave still the factory battery?
  8. Favorite car brand (excluding Buick)?
  9. 2016 Convenience vs. Leather vs. Premium
  10. If you were to replace your Enclave with a smaller CUV, which one?
  11. How many miles do you expect a typical modern car to deliver?
  12. Has your wave plate failed after the 10yr/120k mile extended warranty expired?
  13. Are you bored with the automobile industry's paint color options?
  14. 2007-2009 Failed Transmission Reimbursement?
  15. Long-term DIC fuel economy readout: 2009-2015 lambdas
  16. Long-term DIC fuel economy readout: 2007-2008 lambdas
  17. How often do you wash your car?
  18. Would you buy, or have you bought, another Enclave?
  19. Ambient Light Strip Poll
  20. How often do you tend to replace good, but aging, car batteries??
  21. vanity plate
  22. 13.1 or 26.2 AKA Half Marathon or Marathon Stickers
  23. 2008 Enclave ownership poll
  24. 2015 Convenience vs. Leather vs. Premium
  25. 2008 Enclave: Still running the original battery? (Thru 12/2014)
  26. Decals wearing off climate control buttons
  27. Should I be scared to buy a 2008 enclave
  28. Who here has or has not worked at a GM Auto Manufacturer?
  29. noisy trans after new plugs installed
  30. 2008 Enclave Owners - This Short Poll is for You!
  31. How many members are YOU ignoring?
  32. How many members are you ignored by?
  33. Garage kept or not? Heated or not?
  34. What is your favorite 2014 Enclave interior color?
  35. 2014 Convenience vs. Leather vs. Premium
  36. Brake Job: Dealer vs. Independent?
  37. Will the new Cadillac Lambda hurt the Enclave's Sales and Popularity?
  38. Miles per year driving average
  39. What is your favorite 2013 Enclave interior color?
  40. Has the 2013 Enclave MCE lived up to expectations?
  41. Does your Enclave have a "PET" name?
  42. What was your highest non-accident related automobile repair bill?
  43. Wave Plate/Powertrain Warranty Expiration Poll
  44. 2013 Convenience vs. Leather vs. Premium
  45. Lowest price vs. highest price paid for our Enclaves
  46. Is the Buick Enclave a luxury vehicle?
  47. Are wave plate failure and transmission reflashes linked?
  48. Which lambda best fulfills its brand mission?
  49. Are you considering trading in for a fuel efficient vehicle?
  50. How often has a new car part been defective?
  51. Extra Cost Paint Colors
  52. Vote for your favorite 2012 exterior Enclave color
  53. Known Problem Poll
  54. Enclave Water Pump Leak Poll
  55. Body Side Molding. All White or White with Chrome Center?
  56. Has your Enclave suffered a broken WAVE PLATE? (Poll 1 0f 3)
  57. What was your Enclave's mileage when its WAVE PLATE failed? (Poll 3 of 3)
  58. If your Enclave's WAVE PLATE failed, what model year was involved? (Poll 2 of 3)
  59. Squeaks and rattles
  60. 2012 Base vs. Convenience vs. Leather vs. Premium
  61. How many cars/trucks are in your household, and what are they?
  62. Have you pressed the RED OnStar button?
  63. Who has the most miles?
  64. Who has purchased an Extended Warranty?
  65. Buying a Used 2008 CXL AWD - What would you do?
  66. Lease buy out - What do you think?
  67. Gas price poll, vote how it's impacted you
  68. Buick Roadside Service / How long did you wait?
  69. What replacement tire for your E? (18")
  70. What replacement tire for your E? (19")
  71. Will you participate in the forum after you no longer have your Enclave?
  72. Wait time for replacement parts
  73. Sail's lambda....vote your thought
  74. Timing Chains
  75. Is your Enclave for YOU, your SPOUSE or someone else?
  76. Factory battery longevity
  77. say no to XM in Canada
  78. cabin filter or not
  79. "Next Oil Change" windshield sticker
  80. How long did your lambda's battery last?
  81. Is the Buick Enclave the quietest car that you've driven?
  82. Who has traded in their 2008 Enclave for another Enclave?
  83. 2011 CX vs. CXL-1 vs. CXL-2
  84. Should Buick Keep The Vestigial Ornamental Portholes?
  85. Forum members: Who uses facebook?
  86. Enclave - Primary Driver (Male or Female?)
  87. How do you pronounce "Enclave"?
  88. What do you watch?
  89. Enclave leather seat durability
  90. Enclave CX cloth seat durability
  91. What's Your Fav Enclave Color?
  92. Treadwear: replacement mileage for Latitudes
  93. Treadwear: replacement mileage for Forteras
  94. How often do you use your heated washer fluid feature?
  95. Does your Enclave share a garage with an antique car, truck or motorcycle?
  96. New vs. Used
  97. Turbocharged Enclave?
  98. Meet in Lansing MI summer 2010
  99. Lease vs Borrow vs Own
  100. New Poll concerning dead batteries, for everyone, problem or not.
  101. Problem service visits for year 2 and 3 of ownership (not routine visits)
  102. FWD vs. AWD
  103. 2010 CX vs. CXL-1 vs. CXL-2
  104. 2009 CX vs. CXL
  105. 2008 CX vs. CXL
  106. Enclave 2010 Nav System
  107. At what age does a car no longer seem new?
  108. To Bose or not to Bose
  109. Lease rates on new Enclave
  110. Battery NOT dead after 10 days sitting in garage.
  111. Do you think GM will go bankrupt on Monday 6-1-09?
  112. The 450M (720Km) Club
  113. Would you buy a vehicle from a BANKRUPT GM?
  114. Enclave Quality - Have you had Problems
  115. Do you use the roof rack?
  116. 2009 Enclave MPG
  117. Enclaves - Like 'em or Leave 'em
  118. Driver's Confidence Package 2009? Heated fluid yes or no?
  119. Discussion of walmart and the big three bailout
  120. Visits to the dealership for problems (Not oil changes, or purchase of parts)
  121. Features I'd like to see added to VOICE Navigation
  122. CX or CXL?....that is the question
  123. Will GM be bought out?
  124. WHEN will the www.buick.com site be updated? Vote in this poll
  125. How many silver green's on this forum?
  126. Camshaft issues - Dino or Synthetic Oil?
  127. How aggressive do you drive your Enclave?
  128. Sunroofs that leak 08's and 09's
  129. 2008 Enclave MPG
  130. RV Use and Towing with the Enclave
  131. Who wants an Enclave Super?
  132. CX vs CXL
  133. Missing 09 options
  134. Least Popular 08 Colors..
  135. What made the Enclave special against all competitors..
  136. J. D. Power Survey
  137. Steering Wheel Vibration
  138. Who's Getting H2O Leaks?
  139. Do You Own An Enclave?
  140. Leaks
  141. Question of Manual Shift use
  142. Poll: Fuel Prices on Labor Day
  143. First Anniversary Miles
  144. If you have been CAMMED - Please tell us your build dates (found on door rocker)
  145. Poll: April Fools Jokes
  146. Pick 1 and only 1
  147. Will the Outlook be discontinued?
  148. Enclaveforum.net Window Clings - need your input
  149. Ethnicity of Enclave owner
  150. Articulating Headlamps
  151. Should GM fix the NAV software?
  152. Official Transmission satisfaction poll
  153. Transmission
  154. Handles well in 60-70 MPH Wind Gusts
  155. Just wondering what foreign SUV you traded for your Enclave?
  156. Did you wait 500 miles in AWD to go over 55 MPH?
  157. What should Buick division do next?
  158. how well will you keep up with maintenance on your new enclave
  159. Has the recent presence of 3 new moderators made a difference?
  160. How far would you/did you drive to purchase your Enclave?
  161. Enclave Envy - Different Twist
  162. Sunroof or no Sunroof - In honor of baseballmom94
  163. Sunroof or no Sunroof - In honor of baseballmom94
  164. We have 850+ members, how many have their new Enclave?
  165. Keeping your new Enclave
  166. Any Interest in Non Slip Foam Pads for the Buick Enclave Dash, Console, Doors?
  167. How long did it take to get your Enclave?
  168. Which lambda do you think is most popular
  169. New Board Layout poll
  170. What is the best Buick slogan (ad)?
  171. BA - Buicks Anonymous
  172. Is this your first Buick?
  173. Were you actively looking for a car, or did you see it & just had to have one?
  174. Is the Enclave a "girls" car or a "guys" car.
  175. How Much Do You Love the Buick Enclave?
  176. What Color is Your Enclave? Or, What Color are You Getting?
  177. Is the age of the average Buick driver really changing with the Enclave?
  178. Status Code Tracking
  179. Auto Loan Interest Rates
  180. How do you rate your Buick dealer's service department?
  181. What part of the country is getting the most Enclaves?
  182. Would you recommend your dealer?
  184. How did you (or how do you plan to) go about purchasing your Enclave?
  185. Rank the Lambdas
  186. Survey on Color, Options etc
  187. Does dealer branding on the vehicle bother you?
  188. Survey on dealer orders
  189. What is your Enclave replacing?
  190. 1st Runner Up
  193. Buy vs Lease
  194. The Official 1,000 member pool!
  195. Favorite Interior Color
  196. Second Row Seat
  197. Enclave ownership Poll
  198. Where did you hear about the Enclave?
  199. Pick your age range
  200. Which Lambda is the best looking
  201. Enclave's Most Wanted Missing Options!
  202. Choose your favorite Exterior Color