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  1. center bucket seat
  2. side mirror single indicates only with lights on
  3. 2008 "Liftgate Open" when it's not
  4. 2019 lower body cladding touch up?
  5. Headlight
  6. Replace chrome molding
  7. What is this bulb?
  8. How to replace fog light bezel?
  9. HELP! Wife hit mailbox with side mirror and have NO idea how to Re-Attach!
  10. Help!
  11. Side trim piece name?
  12. 2012 Lift gate closing issues
  13. power lift gate motor not working; latch works
  14. New Wipers
  15. Chrome Roof Rails
  16. 2014 enclave replacement headlight
  17. Help with a part number, or OEM part name
  18. Antenna height 2016 Premium
  19. Front vents to slow - Blower or what ?
  20. Auto high beam control -- argghh. How to disable?
  21. Driver's Side Mirror Won't Fold Out - Warrantied?
  22. What light is it ?
  23. Dielectric silicone grease on seals?
  24. Enclave Rear Ended on Sunday
  25. Windshield wiper vibration
  26. Paint isn't so pristine anymore :(
  27. Driver Side - Rear brake light and turn signal
  28. one bright light stays on
  29. Windshield trim 'coming off'?
  30. 2015 rear wiper blade replacement
  31. What is the rarest Enclave color?
  32. DRL not working
  33. 2011 CXL roof rack parts - where to order
  34. Sharp lower corners of doors
  35. Passenger side C pillar Trim flew off
  36. Front Headlamp assembly replacement
  37. water getting past door seals
  38. Second window crack! You've got to be kidding!
  39. Eyebrow tint question
  40. Windshield cracked, then got replaced. But are there windshield film?
  41. Got the dreaded call, "dear I damaged the Enclave"
  42. Headlights seem dim--bulb recommendation?
  43. The driver's Headlight just started flickering on my 2013 Enclave.
  44. First Scrape
  45. 08 rusty muffler
  46. I left the headlights on in the manual big deal
  47. Protect ledge outside of liftgate?
  48. MOVED: Removed the badges
  49. Roof Rail
  50. Is steerable light bulb (D1S) different?
  51. Has Anyone Removed The Entire Headlight/Signals Assembly From The Car?
  52. Vent Visors - OEM vs after-market
  53. repair of gas struts in lift gate
  54. Fender bender :(
  55. Replacement of drive door hinges
  56. Rearview mirror repair
  57. Need help to look up the part ids
  58. Exhaust Alignment
  59. 2nd gen fascia swap to 1st gen
  60. Power Liftgate Won't Work
  61. Window tint question
  62. Power Liftgate not working at all
  63. Lift Gate Recall
  64. Repairing a power folding mirror (with pics)
  65. Strange damage to wheel molding on 2015 Enclave
  66. Roof antenna pulled off, metal pulled away a bit
  67. How do you replace Rear Bumper Chrome step pad ?
  68. Possible short in headlight wiring?
  69. Horizontal Headlight Adjustment
  70. Headlight washer
  71. Chrome Side Moulding
  72. 2009 CXL HID bulb bad or Ballast bad
  73. Drivers side mirror automatically moves down when car put into reverse?
  74. anyone know why the heated mirrors are so wimpy?
  75. Panel installation How to's Via GM
  76. Right rear view power mirrror does not retract or extend
  77. driver door not sealing
  78. Wheel Opening Trim
  79. Roof Side Rail Removal
  80. Highbeam out - Complete headlight replacement?
  81. First Paint Chip
  82. 2010 Side View mirror glass
  83. Rust treatment
  84. Windows are getting all scratched up.
  85. moisture inside headlights.
  86. Bolt size on tail light?
  87. Plasti dip time!
  88. does anyone know where to get seat covers?
  89. Are the LED bulbs covered under the BTB warranty?
  90. Moon roof shade cover
  91. AFL?
  92. Approach lighting?
  93. Black Vs. chrome grille - your opinion is needed!
  94. Roof Rack Cross Rails Adjustment
  95. Durable and reliable side steps for Enclave
  96. Driver door sill wear
  97. 2014 Enclave Light Bulb Guide
  98. Rear wiper arm removal
  99. Stylish caliper covers for your brakes
  100. touch up paint, stained bumper, and scratched chrome sticker above bumper
  101. Space Between Headlights & Bumper
  102. Painting Lower Plastic Cladding
  103. Tilt on Side Mirrors in Reverse Over-corrects and Ends High Problem
  104. figured out why the hood won't shut
  105. Headlight Changing Color?!
  106. Bugs
  107. Need purchase help with quicksilver metallic
  108. Body colored splash guards
  109. HID headlight bulb type
  110. Share your opinions of the outside changes between first design and refresh
  111. Backup light not working?.....try tapping on the lens.
  112. How to remove Enclave Driver Side Mirror???
  113. Crack along inner driver door top molding
  114. Part behind front air dam sticks down
  115. 2009 CXL AWD HID Bulb Replacement - DIY
  116. Headlight assembly replacement
  117. liftgate hanlde
  118. Exterior Door Handle Replacement
  119. 2014 fog lights
  120. Dim Inner Tail Light
  121. Misaligned front fenders on my 2013 Enclave
  122. A history of automotive paint
  123. 2011 Enclave CXL lower body color paint code
  124. Front outer DRL orange reflectors
  125. Replacing License Plate Light
  126. Chrome Exhaust Tips
  127. Exterior Chrome Roof Rails
  128. New(to us) 2009 Enclave--wife says headlights not bright enough
  129. door pillar vinyl curled up
  130. Wipers do not park low enough
  131. Lift gate Buick emblem
  132. Sideview mirror disassenbly
  133. Windshield Issues
  134. Just got my 2009 Enclave detailed, looks brand new!
  135. Touch up paint recommendation for rear bumper of 2010 CXL-2
  136. 2014 White Diamond Enclave
  137. Removing Outside Mirrors
  138. Driver's mirror constantly need adjusting on 2013 model
  139. Not So Common Exterior Colors
  140. Opening the hood!?
  141. MOVED: Wiper blades clerance at Rockauto
  142. Went off curb slightly, and front trim under bumper came off
  143. 2013 outside mirrors
  144. Not very happy, defected new 2013 buick enclave
  145. Replacing the Rear Wiper Blade
  146. Lower LED lights
  147. 2011 Enclave body cladding damage
  148. Got Rear-ended With my '09 Enclave in Minneapolis
  149. If you ever wondered what 16k in hail damage looks like...
  150. Size of Buick Logo on Piller for 2013 Enclave
  151. Cladding paint on my 2008 Gold Mist Enclave seems very durable
  152. white diamond--very puzzling when scratched
  153. Green Enclave
  154. GM quality
  155. '13 Enclave...Poor door thud sound
  156. Wheel Well Molding
  157. 2013 With Paint Issues
  158. Front passenger door binding
  159. Recommending LED and HID Makes
  160. Rear License Plate Light Fuse
  161. Lamp/Light Sizes
  162. problem with tail too
  163. What is directly behind the front under-bumper skirt?
  164. Ugly color!!
  165. liftgate problem
  166. Mr. Monk and the mysterious case of the fluid trail into the driveway
  167. Front Mud Flaps - Body Molded Stepside
  168. Power liftgate stopped working
  169. Hood ornaments, anyone?
  170. Fuel door replacement
  171. Has anyone replaced a Driver's side HID lamp on an 2008 CX FWD Enclave??
  172. C-Pillar Passenger Side Trim Lost
  173. License plate bracket
  174. Clips and Fasteners Part Numbers?
  175. Enclave late with Led Lights
  176. I can see clearly now...
  177. Can't make up my mind.
  178. Positioning Roof Rails
  179. lift gate problems...
  180. Whats my Color Code?
  181. Beyond ticked at the work on my E!!!
  182. Sunroof Drain Points
  183. Rain-x Repel Wiper Blades
  184. Fix / Replace the integrated turn signal indicator on the mirror
  185. First Pics of 2013 LED Lights
  186. Liftgate Question
  187. Looking for the paint code for lower body 2011 Enclave
  188. Manual folding mirror
  189. First post - just bought a nice slightly used 2011 Enclave CXL and a question?
  190. jerky side mirror movements - how to lube?
  191. How to: Replace Parking / Marker Light
  192. Liftgate power issues
  193. aaaaaaargh this is what we need
  194. Scuffs on plastic bumper/mudguard.
  195. MOVED: New Problem!! What else is new??
  196. 2008~Major leaking into car interior
  197. 3rd Row Cable Broken
  198. power liftgate height adjustable?
  199. Rubber Mud Flap?
  200. Missing Chrome piece off of roof rack of 2008 Enclave
  201. 2008 Headlight Plastic Recondition
  203. Plastic clip removal
  204. Tailgate alingment
  205. Report NHTSA opens safety investigations into Toyota, GM and Honda crossovers
  206. Please help me removing yellow paint from the driver side mirror.
  207. Adhesive advice for self installed moldings
  208. Rear blinker, brake and running lights problem
  209. Chicago NW Suburbs Body Shop?
  210. Meguires headlight kit on my corolla
  211. LED White Lighting
  212. Spot welds showing???
  213. Removing scratches from WDT, recommended polish and wax?
  214. 2013 LED tails
  215. 3D detail of the lower side cladding
  216. Paint Bubbling Problem
  217. Repaint time!!!
  218. Front Mud Flaps with Molded Assist Steps (here's how!)
  219. Shroud or gasket at bottom of windshield
  220. The black metal bar under the vehicle
  221. Roof Rails
  222. Fixing Wiper Scratches
  223. LED DRLs
  224. Pebble strikes windshield
  225. Rubber Rain Channel On Roof
  226. driver door
  227. Rust Protection (or lack thereof from the Dealership)
  228. Rear Wiper Adjustment
  229. Set of doors for the Enclave
  230. I Changed Out The 3000K HID Bulbs With 4500K HID Bulbs In The Fog Lights Today
  231. Replacement Wipers 2009 Buick Enclave?
  232. Door pillar scratched
  233. Wiper Blade
  234. Wiper arm bent or?
  235. GM Major Guard Protection Plan
  236. Leaking Skylight???
  237. Front License Plate Mount
  238. Articulating Headlamps - Disable function?
  239. Color Statistics
  240. Hitch cover removal
  241. Outside door panels discoloring or fading anyone else???????
  242. Quicksilver and ???
  243. first scratch on a 2011
  244. How often should I wax and polish the Enclave?
  245. Small (very small) nick on driver's door
  246. Can automotive grease harm the paintjob?
  247. Scratch
  248. Rear Bumper Paint Question
  249. Lift Gate Question
  250. New blind spot mirrors for "E"?