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  1. Turn signal will not cancel
  2. 2011 Enclave one remote works the other does not.
  3. Door Locks
  4. 2019 Infotainment Question
  5. coin/storage lid
  6. Odd A/C issue - no fan status
  7. 2013 Rear Climate Control System
  8. 2012 Buick Enclave interior liftgate switch backlight burnt out
  9. Passenger seat airbag sensor
  10. Passenger power seat - up & down motion
  11. Buick Enclave -keys stuck in ACC / no rear lights or turn signals
  12. Passenger Seatbelt Alarm
  13. Replacement seat belt receiver?
  14. Heated seat element part numbers? Cost?
  15. 3rd row lights
  16. 2019 Enclave Cigarette Lighter
  17. No Heated Steering or Seats on Remote Start
  18. Repeating dead battery
  19. 2013 LED around headlight
  20. Batery Dead, Jumping Unsuccessful
  21. Headlight replacement?
  22. Left rear Signal light
  23. Alternator problems
  24. Power steering pump and soft floor
  25. are rear vents supposed to blow air when remote started?
  26. In cabin air filter???
  27. LED signal lights....
  28. Leaking sunroof onto floor fixed!
  29. 2018 Avenir Squeaky Center Console Lid
  30. Service Airbag
  31. 2008 Envlave Blinkers and park lights
  32. Front Passenger Seat Back Panel
  33. 2014 Enclave have an electrical problem causing multiple electrical failures at once.
  34. Dreaded electrical issue
  35. Actuator working?
  36. Is the A/C in these cars weak?
  37. BoneHead move Alert reversed jumper cables!!!!!!
  38. 2010 Enclave, drivers seat heat
  39. Wonky captain's chair
  40. AC blowing hot air
  41. Front air vent is to low after long distance ?
  42. Where is the XM tuner in a 2016 Enclave?
  43. Passenger side AC warmer than passenger side
  44. Interior lights problem
  45. iso actuator schematic info
  46. bouthie
  47. ECM Module
  48. HVAC on when using remote start
  49. HVAC & Memory Mirror Issues. Related?
  50. 2011: console bulb, driver seat position, hissing air vents
  51. Battery Drain Repair Update
  52. Did I get a brand new lemon?
  53. 2017 - Ambient Light Strip OUT!!!
  54. Alternator rebuild help !!
  55. 2008 Enclave Alarm Quirks - random beeps
  56. Wipers & Radio Out
  57. HVAC recirculation not working
  58. Battery Drain
  59. Battery Drain 2008 Enclave
  60. Instrument Panel Bright and no gauges.
  61. hid headlight turned pink
  62. gauges dimming on own
  63. Do I have a voltage problem Battery reads 14.9-15.3 volts
  64. 12 volt outlet power - 2014 Enclave
  65. how to further diagnose this
  66. drivers side mirror memory setting
  67. Power seats
  68. Buzzing sound from dash
  69. all 12V output not work ?!?
  70. Seat comfort without cooled seat.
  71. 2008 Enclave CXL Wiring Diagrams
  72. Drivers Door Electricial Problems
  73. does anyone have pics on how to change a actuator
  74. Turn off the ambient lights everywhere?
  75. Re-occuring charging system failure/battery saver engnaged
  76. How to add/move dash mounted USB port(s)
  77. Center console top removal?
  78. Rear View Mirror
  79. DIC intermittant flicker
  80. glove box light?
  81. OnStar/dimming mirror questions
  82. 4 way flasher button?
  83. 2010 interior color(s)?
  84. Driver's seat cover
  85. Ignition Key hard to turn
  86. sheepskin seat cover
  87. 2014 Enclave Replacement Interior Trim Parts
  88. Front head vents not working...actuator or blower motor?
  89. Battery Low Start Vehicle
  90. A/C problem with my 2014 Enclave
  91. Liftgate switch
  92. 2011 Enclave one DRL not working
  93. 2008 Rear AC only blows hot air (intermittent problem)
  94. Floor Liners
  95. Strange Electrical Problem
  96. Auiliary HVAC has no heat, but every thing works.
  97. Second Row Seat Trim Snaps Broken
  98. Driver door won't open from inside
  99. Help! No electrical power at all.
  100. is the ambient light trim suppossed to turn completely off when you turn it off?
  101. This is Very Disappointing Buick!
  102. Seat has a mind of it's own
  103. LED Bulb 194, Interior Dome Light Fixture How to pull dome light off?
  104. leather seat premature warping and creasing on new Enclave??
  105. Very Unusual Enclave Problem
  106. All-Weather Mats in Cocoa
  107. Air Vent Bezel broke...How to replace on my own?
  108. Door Locks and Power Fold Mirrors Problems
  109. Rear view camera in mirror
  110. Interior Map/Dome Light Bulb Replacement
  111. Operation of heater/ac control for new owner
  112. 2015 Enclave Battery Box, Location, and Access?
  113. What is all needed to swap captain chairs to bench in 2nd row?
  114. Liftgate not operating by switch, remote or handle
  115. customize what runs when remote start used
  116. Worn audio and Climate Control buttons -
  117. Drivers Power Seat Not Working
  118. Steering wheel positioning
  119. How to disc rear speaker clip?
  120. 2008 Enclave center console armrest lid removal
  121. Canadian to US
  122. Load resistor installation on brake lights
  123. To confirm, there is no lower LATCH in the 3rd row, correct?
  124. Plastic roof air vent cover
  125. 8-way power pass seats....
  126. Changing cabin air filter
  127. I would like to upgrade my front pass seat to 6/8-way power...only 4-way now
  128. Key can not be turned to OFF from the ACC position.
  129. Floor in between captain's chairs; should it have any give to it?
  130. Driver's Side Blend Door Actuator Issue
  131. Cooling fan operation
  132. Flip Key Fob
  133. Rubber plug under the ignition on the steering column
  134. 2011 Enclave Alternator/Battery Issue?
  135. "New" old topic - coat hooks
  136. Sunroof stuck in vent position?
  137. water leak from driver side front windshield pillar ABS cover
  138. Gauge cluster on 2015 Enclave LEDs cannot be changed
  139. Air conditioner troubles
  140. DIC default to blank?
  141. Lower rear vent covers came off, how do you put them back on?
  142. Front power seat stuck in reclined position
  143. Driver Information Center Malfunction
  144. How long can the Enclave sit?
  145. Intermittent Electrical issues
  146. Ordered new scan tool today
  147. New to forums - 2010 Enclave question
  148. Rear Blower Motor Location?
  149. front sunroof - opening
  150. Something not right with the A/C - throwing too much water?
  151. 2015 Enclave Rear break light LED options?
  152. dash cluster illumination issue
  153. plastic on lower bottom of driver seat broken off, any help
  154. Factory cargo mat on a 2009?
  155. Console pad color change.
  156. Front HVAC Blower Intermittently Work in 2012 Enclave
  157. New to the forum and it looks like my 2011 has a classic A/C problem
  158. FLoor Mats
  159. Air Conditioning Not Working - New Temp Control Switch
  160. Wipers quit working
  161. routing USB cable through console
  162. Interior lights
  163. Gas gauge / check engine / p4063 / miles to empty problem
  164. accessing bulbs in the center row
  165. AC/Temperature Button (stencil) Repair Question
  166. footwell lights
  167. mystery connector
  168. Easy Exit Seat
  169. Back Up Warning 2008
  170. heat
  171. Automatic Interior Lights Not Working
  172. air conditioning hissing and not dehumidifying
  173. Driver's Information Center - Sometimes works, sometimes does not
  174. Interior Fuse Panel
  175. Rear Heating/Cooling comes on automatically--can this be suppressed?
  176. Help. battery drain. Buick Enclave 2015
  177. Looks like another hvac actuator is going bad
  178. Looking for New FOB
  179. Dash Cam Power Supply - Looking for Keyed Power in Fuse box
  180. Headliner rattle
  181. How to tell if battery is OEM? [photos]...Also, why the screw?
  182. '08 Buick Enclave w/ park assist & Nav - Dead Battery
  183. Emergency Lights come on by themselves?
  184. Looking for 2nd Row Bench
  185. Dome lights out, power to unit, need part numbers.
  186. Hazard signal button dashboard illumination.
  187. TPMS Receiver Replacement
  188. Poor driver's seatbelt latch design
  189. Molded Carpet
  190. Testing the Battery and a Booster Pack - Where to Connect?...Where to Test?
  191. enclave 2011 driver/passenger side A/C blow the opposite air
  192. Heater either full or nothing
  193. figured out where a rattle is coming from
  194. Velcro on inside of door
  195. Entire Dash Cluster Died on 2008 Enclave
  196. 2012 heated seats won't STAY ON
  197. Cannot remove the key and Enclave won't start. Need some help.
  198. HVAC controls stopped working (except for fan speed control)
  199. Key won't come out of ignition!!! or- Key won't turn all the way back.
  200. Blind Spot Monitor
  201. Can we switch out a bench seat with two captains chairs in a 2008 Enclave?
  202. Removing an object from the front ventilation system - how hard is it? Tips?
  203. 2015 Enclave Leather battery dead in 4 hours
  204. Will 3 car seats fit in the 2nd row?
  205. Reconnect Battery
  206. Passenger side air vent has developed a crack.
  207. Crack on passenger door liner chrome accent piece
  208. reading lamps
  209. Leaky interior- What's up with that???
  210. car just completely died
  211. Heater/AC Blower Motor Changes RPM's
  212. Recirculation
  213. obd2 under dash plug in broken by dealer
  214. Dashboard Removal
  215. relay replacement
  216. HVAC blend door issue that dealer says is NOT actuator
  217. 2nd row seats do not release seat bottom anymore
  218. Flexible drive shafts for Power Seat motor
  219. Rear view mirror fix?
  220. Driver Side Floor Mat Wet
  221. Rear coathooks
  222. Cooled Seats
  223. Rear turn signal replacement.....
  224. rear power lift gate blew up !!!
  225. Trailer Light Connector issue
  226. 2008 Enclave: Battery Dies When at a Drive-In Movie...HELP!!
  227. I jump started a neighbor's car, my car wont start.
  228. I left the headlights on yesterday...
  229. Weird USB Problem
  230. 2013 Ambient Lighting went out
  231. Front to Rear AC line leak
  232. Sunshades for rear windows?
  233. "Dead Battery" problems with 2008 Buick Enclave
  234. LED's above headlights
  235. Wear on outer driver seat bottom
  236. Cooled seats intermittently not working
  237. AC colder on driver's side - not sure if actuator or not?
  238. Buzzing Sound Behind Glovebox now A/C Doesn't Work
  239. hvac blower stuck on floor
  240. 2011 CXL2 Driver Seat front/back replacement motor part #
  241. 2011 Buick Enclave Coat Hooks
  242. Driver door power out 2011 enclave
  243. Blind Spot System - Can it make sound?
  244. broken seat belt
  245. Analog Clock
  246. Left Turn Signal Issue
  247. Recommended Repair Shops or Alternatives for Driver Seat Repairs
  248. Overhead Console Wiring (2011 Enclave)
  249. 2015 3rd row headrests
  250. DIC buttons