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  1. politics are funny
  2. UGHHHH.....hackers!
  3. Happy Election Day 2015
  4. speaker of the House
  5. Father Asks Obama to Use Executive Order to Bring Son Slain by Illegal Alien Bac
  6. decided to go to healthcare dot g oh vee
  7. Congress to investigate GM recall
  8. Obamacare Policies: This Man Wants Out and Is Willing to Sue
  9. Political Cartoons and comments - Why Not?
  10. Record 20% of Households on Food Stamps in 2013
  11. MOVED: Finally!
  12. North Korea
  13. OOPS! I wonder...short list again in 2016...probably not.
  14. Stop breathing heavily when you ride a bike please.
  15. Stock market on a roll
  16. Taxes.....Sigh
  17. 8.5 Million Americans Left Labor Force In Obama's First Term
  18. Santa is a conservative.
  19. When will an assault rifle ban go back in effect.
  20. Hurricane Sandy relief aid already in jeopardy in Congress
  21. Unemployment....dropping
  22. Navigating the Post-Election Divide
  23. The Mormons are taking over!
  24. Discussion
  25. Benghazi, Libya
  26. The Fiscal Cliff
  27. Voting machines in Ohio.....FRAUD has HAPPENED in Cincinnati
  28. Election Day
  29. Obama's Worst Economic Mistake
  30. And now, a word from the "loyal opposition"...
  31. The GOP's formula for legislative success...
  32. How about a spot of tea?
  33. Hate taxes and government? There are options...
  34. Obama set to declare martial law...
  35. Mitt's contempt for the voters
  36. Don't take that bet!
  37. Just exercising his First Amendment rights...
  38. Romney reaches into his past to find alternative to FEMA
  39. Disaster victims - help is on the way.
  40. Mormons who fear Mitt
  41. Romney seeks the truth
  42. Barbour says storm "...broke Romney's momentum."
  43. A noted conservative on Romney: "...he is simply unprincipled."
  44. Daylight savings
  45. Mitt Romney, a decent leader
  46. Why Mitt Romney shouldn't be president
  47. Video of Mitt in action on radio show.
  48. OOPS Pedophile GOP rising star
  49. Where the military stands on this election
  50. VOTE
  51. Mitt brings canned goods to help with Sandy relief efforts...
  52. Reports indicate Mitt Romney had one very scary "trick or treater"...
  53. One of these things is not like the others...
  54. How the future will unfold for the GOP
  55. It's official - the lying is on auto-pilot now.
  56. When is a canceled campaign event not a "campaign event"?
  57. Should campaign apparel be imported?
  58. The cover-up gets even worse...
  59. The GOP just might have a way to control health care costs after all...
  60. Multiple choice question - What's wrong with Josh?
  61. What would Harry think of Mitt?
  62. Tip of the iceberg
  63. Tourist and the curio shop and a Republican
  64. "Single issue" voter?
  65. "Pants on fire"
  66. Possible good news for Sailfish...
  67. Oh Donnie Boy!!!!!!
  68. focusing on the minor and ignoring the major
  69. Automotive...Mitt Romney just can't get his facts straight.
  70. U.S. electoral map, from the perspective of how each side views the other.
  71. Where does the GOP get its information on matters of science?
  72. G.O.P. Rape Crisis Hotline
  73. Paul who?
  74. Trick or ...trickster
  75. Colin Powell
  76. GOP Caught Red Handed, Election Fraud in Indiana
  77. What do you get when...
  78. Forrest Gump comments on Romney...
  79. What a tool Sean Hannity is....seriously....he is!
  80. Tribute to George McGovern by an unlikely individual
  81. Those on the hard right just can't stop themselves.
  82. Ever reach into a container of Jell-o and try to grab a handful?
  83. Electoral college tie?
  84. Obama Supporters Continue Threats To Riot, Assassinate Romney
  85. 3rd Presidential Debate....
  86. Obama loves the Seminoles
  87. Who is paying for these?
  88. The real Mitt Romney
  89. Where Big Corporations Have Become Our Government
  90. The best depiction of Romney's "coalition" you will see this election cycle
  91. Binders full of women...brought to you by the would-be binders of women.
  92. Obama or Romney????
  93. Romney the statesman...
  94. Mitt's nightmare
  95. Occupy Wall Street (the Romney way)
  96. The Romney/(Lyin')Ryan plan for seniors...
  97. As the campaing goes on, Mitt is looking more and more familiar
  98. Another principled conservative in action
  99. Unhappy with Mitt's position on a particular issue...don't worry.
  100. Snake oil
  101. Ryan IS a problem.
  102. Here we go again...who is at fault with gas prices
  103. Nobel nonsense
  104. Mitt - The problem, NOT the solution
  105. Biden voted for what?
  106. VP Debate
  107. How to really save money in health care...
  108. Foreign policy experience...what?
  109. What would have been cut to have balanced the budget in 2011
  110. Save PBS and NPR
  111. 4 years ago many investments were tanking
  112. Veterans, Active, Guard, and Reserve & families - support from Pres. Obama
  113. Has small business benefited under President Obama
  114. Debate watch
  115. Barack Obama endorsed by... Hugo Chavez.
  116. To lie or not to lie....that is the question and for some a daily event
  117. Jobs Jobs Jobs
  118. Washington Post on Medicare
  119. MOVED: The New York Times on Medicare.
  120. Accurate polling...
  121. Daily reminders for....
  122. Host of Romney's "47%" fundraiser likes to throw some other parties, too.
  123. Rare actual photo of Paul Ryan not telling a lie...
  124. Charitable donations
  125. MORE of obama's "BLAME BUSH" lies....
  126. Here chicky chicky chicky!!!
  127. Electoral votes as of.....
  128. Did Willard Mitt Romney give terrorists advice on how to blow up America?
  129. Red State Socialism?
  130. Leno: Obama's 'Encouraging More Americans to Give Up Looking for Work'
  131. Romney says 47% of Americans are freeloading "victims"...
  132. Nagging Issue
  133. Why a Drop in the Unemployment Rate Is Tragic
  134. A Brief Recap of the 2012 Republican National Convention
  135. 2012 Republican platform.
  136. OOPS! I see one magazine, okay perhaps a couple more going out of print.
  137. Stance on pro-life or pro-choice
  138. The GOP motto: Win - honestly if you can, or dishonestly if that's what it takes
  139. Ohio and the Republican right to......suppress voting rights
  140. US taxpayers bail out California homeowners
  141. Politics and family
  142. Media double standard / Obama $6800 jacket vs Romney $990 shirt
  143. Passed stats at GM?
  144. Obama Guts Welfare Reform
  145. A FEW Obama lies......not enough room here to print them all
  146. Unemployment dropped in EVERY state that elected a GOP Governor in 2010
  147. Five major ObamaCare taxes that will hit your wallet in 2013
  148. The OTHER Supreme Court Ruling Yesterday-OK To Lie!
  149. At this point in time
  150. This Election Just Became About Obamacare
  151. 65 percent of Americans say Obama better suited to handle alien invasion
  152. Hummmm.....oops....so now about those jobs outsourced?
  153. Obama Asks People Getting Married To Forgo Gifts, Donate to Him Instead
  154. Talked about Wisconsin....how about we talk about Michigan?
  155. Obama Jobs Program: Help Illegals Compete with Americans for Scarce Jobs
  156. White House to halt deportation of illegal immigrants
  157. Sec. Gates advice
  158. another quote: Pres. Obama: “Europe is our largest trading partner...”
  159. The United States Supreme Court
  160. Obama: Republicans Bamboozled People Into Thinking They Are Fiscally Disciplined
  161. Subj: Washington Post looks at Obama
  162. A look back 40 years
  163. You could have heard a pin drop
  164. everything is fine in obamaville
  165. Obama at the bat!
  166. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker won a recall election
  167. So sad the Republican party really really wants the vote of women
  168. Frustrating
  169. Scared to Terrified
  170. I was amazed and I did rather....chuckle over this.
  171. Political ad campaigns....one must always use spell check.
  172. Only in America
  173. Definitions
  174. Reporter's Privilege' Under Fire
  175. How soon one forgets the past
  176. Survivor, Texas Style
  177. Thought for the day (past and present)
  178. I am sorry...but I was chuckling
  179. LOL bailed out JP Morgan made an "egregious mistake"
  180. Flashback: Obama’s Sordid High School Past
  181. Green Energy blackout
  182. Oh my word!!! " Obama Donates 7AlaskanIslandsto Putin for $0"
  183. The way to run a country is like a company correct?
  184. Obama is a victim
  185. Republican extremists: How the GOP broke America and called it leadership
  186. Just trying to help: Handicapped parking...
  187. Yep you heard it hear....Rush loves the tabloids.
  188. Race, religion collide in presidential campaign.
  189. Sept. 11 Suspects Face Gitmo Hearing
  190. Gov. Brewer signs Arizona ban on Planned Parenthood Funding
  191. Political ad campaigns are ramping up and.......
  192. The secret meeting to take down Obama exposed in an book and video
  193. Gingrich to end White House Bid
  194. Rush Limbaugh - this guy is a joke!
  195. Just WHO IN THE **** does U.S. Rep. Allen West think he is?
  196. Santorium is reported to suspend campaigning.
  197. Who said this?
  198. Congress sends startup investment bill to Obama
  199. And we wonder why ???
  200. anti–Walmart
  201. Cheney undergoes heart transplant
  202. No matter how you look at it, this is ironic...
  203. Setting the record straight
  204. MIchelle Malkin "The war on conservative women"
  205. Dow 13,000 - Thank Democrats
  206. Obama Plays Race Card, Calls on Churches to Support Campaign
  207. Santorum Supporter Leaves MSNBC Anchor Speechless
  208. The Real unemployment rate.
  209. Ronald Reagan warned us about Obama
  210. Somone has just announced their intent to toss their hat in
  211. Obama snubs foreign OEMs
  212. The side of Mitt the media ignores
  213. Feel good for conservatives
  214. Overwhelm the system
  215. A Canadian Perspective on the latest court case in Georgia
  216. The truth behind Bain Capital
  217. obama is creating a nation of dependents
  218. State of the Union address.
  219. Influx of foreign cheap products harming the US?
  220. Do you live in a RTW State?
  221. sopa pipa bill
  222. Politics and the Volt.
  223. Just who is in the running for the White House in 2012 - Barack Obama
  224. Just toss them all together and let's get ready to rumble.
  225. Just who is in the running for the White House in 2012 - Rick Perry
  226. Just who is in the running for the White House in 2012 - Ron Paul
  227. Just who is in the running for the White House in 2012 - Mitt Romney
  228. Just who is in the running for the White House in 2012 - Rick Santorum
  229. FOR DEBATE: What Government Should Do to Bring Mfg, Businesses, Jobs Back
  230. What Government Should Do to Bring Manufacturing, Businesses, Jobs Back to US
  231. Will it be money that wins
  232. Iowa fun such drama that went on.
  233. In '90s newsletter appeal, Ron Paul warns of 'coming race war'
  234. Newscasters....fair and balanced reporting
  235. You have got to be kidding me....does Cain really think this?
  236. .....Census shows 1 in 2 people are poor or low-income
  237. Juxtaposition of Events
  238. The Republican's running seem to be thinning out
  239. Newt, you've got some "splainin'" to do!
  240. Another Bailout?
  241. CCW
  242. Rick Perry says, "Oops!"
  243. In the most watched election in the country on Tuesday here in Ohio
  244. Because....I am pissed off at coverups.
  245. Just Plain Scary
  246. Sarah Palin says she will not run for president
  247. Amazed that anyone would say this...
  248. Why Obama should withdraw
  249. Appeals Court rules in favor of Obama Healthcare Act -- times 2!
  250. Why is it always "unexpectedly"?