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  1. How do you make the DVD fade to the rear speakers?

    Audio, Video & Nav
    We are a family of 4 kids= 4 headphones in our Enclave too! I have a small basket to place them in. I bought the second set on Ebay after somone posting about it here on the forum.

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    I hope this article is available online! :thumb: Jeanne, can you tell us a little bit about your Enclave on order?? ;D
  3. Garmin GPS

    Buick Enclave
    Thanks for that link. We have a garmin nuvi 250w and we tried to put it everywhere also. I do not like it on the glass in the center of the window. Right now, we have it to the left of the driver on the glass. It is out of the way and not interfering in my direct view. I only take the gps out...
  4. Did a test-drive - I'm sold!! Question on back-up camera

    General Tech
    We first decided not to get the #4 with backup camera to save money. Then, regretted it and tried to add it and it was too late in the build process. I was really nervous that I would have a hard time backing up. I was going from a small compact to this big vehicle. The back up sensors work...
  5. First Drive

    Buick Enclave
    Congratulations! Re: your remote starter. My driveway is approx. 50-60 feet from my back window. I start it up every morning from inside with no problem. I wonder why yours doesn't work further..
  6. Need advice before I order.

    Buying, Leasing & Custom Ordering
    We just use the seat belt. I have to look into that too.
  7. Need advice before I order.

    Buying, Leasing & Custom Ordering
    Our carseat is in the middle of the third row--not sure if that is the same thing as if it was the 2nd row bench. Since we have two in the third row bench, if my 10 year old son has to sit in the third row next to his sister's car seat, he just fits in there tightly. He's not a tiny 10 year old...
  8. Need advice before I order.

    Buying, Leasing & Custom Ordering
    I am very good at putting two kids into the 3rd row! ;D when my husband tries to do it, he pulls the captain chair forward. I, on the other hand, like to pull the captain chair in the flat position. I have my one year old next to the window on the passenger side. I plop her in and belt her up...
  9. Need advice before I order.

    Buying, Leasing & Custom Ordering
    Before we got our Enclave, I was worried about the carseat situation and keeping the buckets unoccupied for those coming and going quick. We (along with my 4 year old's opinion) chose to put the 2 carseats in the third row. We have a one and 4 year old in car seats. They love the third row. My...
  10. personalized plate for your Enclave?

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    juglake: Did she open it as a gift? or did you put it on the Enclave? What a cool gift!
  11. personalized plate for your Enclave?

    Articles, Reviews & Multimedia
    I have a "Disney Related" plate! We have had it for years now. We want to order "duplicates" so our plate looks brand new like our brand new truck! It doesn't look nice when you have a brand new vehicle and old looking plates!
  12. DVD Stuck in player

    Interior & Electrical
    We don't have the nav. But, I had this problem happen to me a few weeks ago with my daughters Hannah Montana CD! I forget what I did but I was in panic mode and pressed every button-including turning it on and off...it did finally pop out and I haven't had a problem. I hope your does the same.
  13. Just received a gift of a bottle of touch up paint from my dealer

    Body / Exterior
    We picked up our Enclave on October 10. So far, no touch up paint. :(
  14. The Official XM RENEWAL Thread!!

    Audio, Video & Nav
    Re: XM Renewal? Does anyone have an XM radio in another vehicle plus their Enclave? Our XM Enclave trial is up next month. We already pay $12.99 for the one radio in the other vehicle. I know there is a cheaper rate for the second service. Just wondering...
  15. Wii