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  1. 2010 E 47.6K front pads not visible

    Brakes, Suspension, Wheels & Tires
    The original front pads lasted 95,000 miles on my '09. I can't imagine how people wear them out at 30,000 miles. I'm not easy on brakes, but 30,000 miles?? The sad thing is that most all replacement pads cause black dust on your front wheels much worse than the OEM Akebenos. I bought OEM...
  2. this forum / anyone upgrade to iOS 8.3?

    Did the 8.3 on my iPhone 6. No noticeable changes.
  3. Tar spots on the carpet

    Washing & Detailing
    Mineral spirits or paint thinner will do the job with no damage to the carpet.
  4. Salted roads and carwashes?

    40 gallons? I bet I don't use more than 15 gallons when washing my car at home. Most of us put about two gallons of water in a pail with soap, wet the car with a hose for about two minutes, wash the car with a sponge or brush and rinse. It would be interesting to use a meter on the hose faucet...
  5. My Enclave days are ending

    Buick Enclave
    The Buick dealer treated me just fine when servicing the Enclave. I always got a loaner when repairs were to take longer than a few hours. The treatment with the Chevrolet SS has also been very good. The included 2 year, 24,000 mile scheduled maintenance is a bonus I had not previously had...
  6. My Enclave days are ending

    Buick Enclave
    I went for a little more radical change by trading my '09 for a Chevrolet SS. So far, we love the SS--with the V8 power, V8 sound, great handling, great braking, etc. We did reduce our seating capacity from 7 to 5, however.
  7. anyone ever get a grinding sound?

    General Tech
    Are you sure it's not the anti-lock brake self-check? The noise you describe sounds like what all Enclaves do when driven the first 1/4 mile after startup and every time the engine is started after. I was alarmed when I first heard mine clattering when the car was new, but soon got used to the...
  8. Would you buy, or have you bought, another Enclave?

    Mine is a new 2014 that the dealer had for several hundred days. Sales of the SS is very low throughout the USA--for reasons I don't understand. The appeal for me was a 415 HP V8, rear wheel drive, 0-60 in 4.7 seconds, 21 mpg highway. And, it has all the bells & whistles that my Enclave had plus...
  9. Would you buy, or have you bought, another Enclave?

    Well, today I traded the '09 Enclave for a Chevrolet SS--rear wheel drive V8. I found a dealer that offered enough to nudge me to trade. Those SS's are really loaded--heated, ventilated seats, rain sensing wipers, heads up display, internet ability, 8 way seat on both sides, park assist, lane...
  10. Would you buy, or have you bought, another Enclave?

    Our '09 has 97,000 miles. MSRP was $43,000 with every option except NAV and AWD. We traded a 2007 Grand Prix GXP and a 2004 GTO for the Enclave. Ours has new struts, shocks, brakes, rotors, coils, plugs, tires and should need nothing, unless there is wave plate failure, for many miles. The...
  11. Tire Balancing Recommendation

    Brakes, Suspension, Wheels & Tires
    My Cooper tire dealer provides lifetime balance and rotation, also, but it does little good if the balance attempt doesn't fix the vibration. I'll inform them of the "Lug-Centric" need for GM SUV wheels and see what their reaction is. Not really optimistic, though.
  12. Drivers side seat warmer

    Interior & Electrical
    My '09 recently began doing the same thing. The driver's seat heater goes on for between 30 seconds and a minute and shuts off. If you keep turning it back on, you can feel heat in both the seat back and seat bottom. I've heard of similar problems on other cars, but have not heard of a solution...
  13. Tire Balancing Recommendation

    Brakes, Suspension, Wheels & Tires
    Thanks for the info on "Lug-Centric". I've had a problem with my '09 since the original tires were replaced. Balance, rebalance with vibration at 55-75 mph--not where you can live with some shaking. As a side note, when I rotated my tires today, the rear wheels were rusted tight to the rear...
  14. Installed factory subwoofer

    Audio, Video & Nav
    I have no issue with the functionality of the factory radio---the XM capability, aux. input, DVD/CD players built-in and flexible, automatic muting when Bluetooth or Onstar phone is in use, and reasonably good midrange and treble sound. But, I don't believe an added amp would help the factory...
  15. new phone for Christmas, but which one?

    iOS 8 or any i-Device only requires that you move one switch to silent. There are no other steps.