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  1. This is How I Think We Should Post Pictures

    Picture Share
    well you can upload a picture to photo bucket and have it show up as a thumbnail.and when you click on it it gets big so that feature is avalible even if it is not part of the forums.
  2. signatures

    ok i must ask this why does no one have pics in the signature take a look at mine i just added a pic today its not my enclave i'll add mine when i get pics of it. but to add a picture in a signatuere put [IMG] http://insert link to photo here [ /IMG] ( note that space in between the [ and /...

    Buick Enclave
    yea its linked in with the memory seating yes i am candian P.S. i am back!!!! :dancing:
  4. nav is it worth it

    Audio, Video & Nav
    is navigation worth the cost when with buick you get onstar that can tell you directions :confused: :help: