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  1. No Loaner from Dealer for recall visit?

    Buick Enclave
    MikeZ, this is excellent service, and could be a real competitive advantage for Buick. I have never heard of any luxury automakers doing this. And my street is filthy with Mercedez, BMW's and Audi's.
  2. No Loaner from Dealer for recall visit?

    Buick Enclave
    Big Daddy, yes I live near another Buick dealer. I called them. Their policy (and I believe Buick's) is to offer a loaner for service requiring two days. Same day service does not get the loaner. Perhaps I am spoiled by my Cadillac (always a loaner). And, I simply assumed that Buick would do the...
  3. No Loaner from Dealer for recall visit?

    Buick Enclave
    Thanks to all of you. My dealer is a 20 minute drive from our house, so I am not going to go there for oil changes. I do get all my other more serious service done at the dealer though. But even this was not an oil change. It was for recall work. It gets even better. My wife scheduled the appt...
  4. No Loaner from Dealer for recall visit?

    Buick Enclave
    My wife dropped off our Enclave at the dealer today to have the drain tube installed in the sun roof per the letter we got from GM (recall). The dealer (for the first time) told us they are not giving loaners for Buicks (only Cadillacs). That is, unless, we have all of our service (oil changes...
  5. Sad day for our Enclave

    Buick Enclave
    We drove our 3 month old Red Jewel Tint Enclave through a 2 minute long sandstorm. $9000 later, and 2/3 of the car repainted, we realized we should not have had the car painted. The paint quality is good but they did poor job matching the depth of the paint and the metal flake. See if the body...

    Buick Enclave
    Actually we love the vehicle but the city mileage is poor. Whenever I drive my wife's (2WD) Enclave the average MPG is 13 mpg. And yes, we reset the computer regularly. Her city mode of driving is 2 mile trips, 4-5 mile trips. She is NOT a lead foot. On the freeway at 65-70 we can get 24 MPG so...
  7. Recent road trip and mpg report

    Buick Enclave
    What is the May 8 flash that was referred to earlier?
  8. Recent road trip and mpg report

    Buick Enclave
    What is the May 8 flash? I have not heard of this one.
  9. Somebody please tell me it gets better (MPG)

    Buick Enclave
    I am always surprised when I drive my wife's Enclave. She drives mostly around town and the average MPG displayed is always 11-12 MPG. This is disapointing. We now have 5500 miles on the Enclave. Otherwise we really love it.
  10. Rear passenger door not flush

    General Tech
    I noticed the same thing on my left side rear door. It appears to not be fully closed (but it is).
  11. Hit a deer coming home from work today!! $1350 repair bill!

    Buick Enclave
    Don't feel too bad. We drove our 3 month old Red Jewel Enclave through a sandstorm (1 minutes worth or so). $9000 worth of damage, 1/2 the car is being repainted. All of the front end chrome, plastic, lights, etc., glass will be replaced. Oh well, it's just a car. Not life and death.
  12. Buick Enclave Explanation Videos

    Buick Enclave
    Here is a bit of a geekfest. This video talks about the front and rear suspension of the Enclave: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BH-6obFfQ-4 This video discusses the powertrain: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ztG4c6FF-4
  13. Remote start - Do you use yours much?

    Buick Enclave
    I don't think you need the aftermarket remote start. I think that all Enclaves have it, but you need to get the remote and perhaps the dealer may have to do something with a flipped bit or something.
  14. Cargo Net

    Buick Enclave
    This website also has it (Genuine GM for the Enclave) $24.00 http://gmaccessoriesstore.com/2008-enclave-c-495_537_539.html?osCsid=3eogg4p8jqdbnj622vmhv8ton4
  15. Does the sun bother you coming through the sunshade?

    Buick Enclave
    I had exactly the same concerns -- we were in Tuscon recently and it was hot, and with the shade closed, the heat was not an issue.