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  • pdharper ·
    I found your message more than interesting. I have owned a 2019 Avenir since mid December 2018 and find it to be a beautiful car except for one very important aspect. For the record, this is my second Enclave (2012) and maybe tenth Buick. I always loved the smooth, powerful performance of a Buick. The 2019 is probably the best car I have ever owned on the road but just miserable around town. I find the 9-speed shifts much too often (6 speeds was just fine) it "chuggles" in the middle gears (3 or 4 thru about 6th). This is the dealer's and GM's term for the shuddering I feel when the tranny shifts. They claim it is skipping gears if you don't put your foot in the throttle. I don't like to overdrive, especially around town, so I find the chuggling to be very prevalent. Sadly, they say there is nothing that can be done.
    Which brings me to your note. Please describe what brought you to getting a new transmission. My 2019 only has 6000 miles at this point.
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