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  1. FCA already has $2000 on the hood of the Pacifica

    I don't get why they went that direction with the ads. I like the Dodge ads and think they fit the image for Dodge. Chrysler is supposed to be the upscale brand, but these Pacifica ads do nothing to portray that image, let alone highlight the features of the vehicle.
  2. FCA already has $2000 on the hood of the Pacifica

    Besides the fact they have a quality stigma, I'm not too sure their TV ads are helping any. They are a nice looking van though.
  3. White Diamond

    Washing & Detailing
    Actually you can probably disregard mine as an example. I forgot that when I looked at the car, there was a noticeable glob of clear coat on the back of the bumper in the wheel well. I wouldn't be surprised it was repainted.
  4. Brake job

    I can't say for foreign makes, but just for reference, the cost of GM rotors is around $125 per axle based on my experience.
  5. White Diamond

    Washing & Detailing
    That's it exactly. My white diamond LaCrosse is the same. The bumper is noticeably different than the fenders in good sunlight. It's the difference in the paint as well as the material being painted.
  6. GoldEnclave's other car search

    Well, it really depends on how picky you are. Repaints never match the factory no matter what. And did you say the car is white? White and black are the hardest to match, moreso if it is a flake paint. A lot of restoration shops swear by painting a car with all of the panels on the body because...
  7. Distracted driving!

    Reminds me of us driving back from a vacation several years ago and we almost had a collision with a big coke ice chest that fell off a truck in front of us. :o
  8. kidsenclave beginning search for Enclave replacement

    I highly recommend paying cash if you can afford to. Even though interest rates are low, paying a large chunk of cash helps you make more realistic choices with regards to how much you are going to spend on a car. For some it's a lot more real to decide if you want to spend that extra 2 grand on...
  9. Distracted driving!

    I've got two fun examples: Saturday we're on the way home on the highway when a kid no older than 20 passed us in the left lane playing with his phone, and five seconds later, cut in front of us because he was about to miss his exit. He was no more than 10 feet in front of us, so one mistake...
  10. Let's play name that car

    That doesn't surprise me. I get a magazine Hemmings Muscle Machines, and there are countless articles about specific cars where they recount the owner's car history around that period; and it seems every one of them would buy a new car at least every five years. Now it could have been because...
  11. Recommend Buick LaCrosse owner forum please--just bought one!

    Loving my 2011 LaCrosse (coming up on 2 years in September) so far. :cheers: Since it has basically the same engine as the Enclave, be ready for a possible leaky water pump. Just had mine replaced 200 miles before the btb was up.
  12. Oil filter vs Me

    That stinks. I had one I couldn't get loose on our Traverse a couple months ago that the dealer had put on. I didn't dare try stabbing it. Took it back to the dealer than we bought it from and they were able to loosen it for me.
  13. politics are funny

    haha, send this link to your buddy. http://www.thefederalistpapers.org/us/for-bernie-being-a-socialist-has-its-rewards
  14. GoldEnclave's other car search

    Just saw the latest dependability study from JD Power. Buick was 3rd. :thumb:
  15. were our parents more capable than we are

    What you just said confirms where we are today. It's about being "smart", not knowledgeable. Decades ago it was a luxury to be able to go to college to be "smart". Now, all kids are pushed to go to college to get a "good" job. You don't have to be "smart" to know how to change your oil, you just...