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  1. First Anniversary Miles

    Buick Enclave
    We got ours on 6/3/07 and have about 17K miles. It has been a terrific experience. For about the same price as our (soon to be departed) 2004 Chrysler T&C awd minivan we bought the Enclave last June, three years later. Other than an airbag sensor device replacement, we've had no issues and it's...
  2. Renewing phone minutes

    Audio, Video & Nav
    Uh, I've already renewed OnStar (until 6/09) and the OnStar rep told me I'd have to add 100 minutes @$39.95 to roll over my current minutes. Do you recall what you said to convince them to roll over minutes without having to add additional minutes? Did I give up a bargaining chip by renewing...
  3. Renewing phone minutes

    Audio, Video & Nav
    ZMan, You're absolutely right, of course. Hey, I'm a 20th Century guy... Ah, so I don't have to add minutes to the +90 I've already got. They roll-ove when I renew. BTW, PrairieWind, this June 3 we'll have owned Dave for a year. Great vehicle, far superior to the previous four Chrysler awd...
  4. Renewing phone minutes

    Audio, Video & Nav
    My XM radio subscription was going to run out on June 3. I renewed it and was told that, if I added minutes that the current phone minutes would carry over. Has anyone else had a similar experience. I've still got over 90 minutes left and I don't want to lose 'em next month! Jay
  5. Enclave Bra

    Excuse me, but my Enclave, Dave is most decidedly a male beast and doesn't need a bra! ;D
  6. Service Air Bag

    Interior & Electrical
    Mike, I had this issue and it turned out to require a replacement of the sensor inside the steering wheel. AFAIK, you're the only other person to mention this problem. My dealer insisted I leave the car and he provided a free rental since, in his opinion the car was unsafe to drive. It may not...
  7. For what it's worth: A trip to the Twin Cities auto show. Warning: it's long.

    Buick Enclave
    We had a similar experience at the 2007 auto show in sunny Cleveland. We actually ordered a CX-9 then, purely by chance my wife saw the Enclave concept. (I would have never, in my wildest dreams, considered a Buick!) That was it! We cancelled the Mazda order and took delivery of the CXL last...
  8. Air bag defect

    General Tech
    The warning light for the airbags came on intermittently and, when the dealer found a "loose wire" in the steering wheel bag he declared our Enclave "unsafe to drive." To his credit, he provided a rental car while we wait the three days for the replacement part to arrive. The reason I'm posting...
  9. Remote Start Addict

    Buick Enclave
    My wife drives "Dave" and historically, she's used the seat heaters in all our cars in August! Talk about cold blooded! (Thank goodness we have dual controls on our heated mattress pad...I think I'd burn if I slept on her side all the time!) When she discovered that the seat heaters come on when...
  10. Diesel Enclave!

    Rumor Mill
    This is getting a little too weird, people! ::)
  11. Diesel Enclave!

    Rumor Mill
    In the current Popular Mechanics there's an article that mentions that GM is planning a diesel Enclave for 2010. Wow, that would make our terrific cars even better! I could get used to +30 mpg in our beloved vehicle! ::) Jay
  12. Buick Enclave vs. Mazda CX-9

    Buick Enclave
    Those were our two finalists, too. With careful adjustment of the first and second rows, the third row in the CX-9 was definitely useable, and there was adequate storage behind the third row. (That last critereon eliminated the Pacifica, and the Audi Q7.) This is kind of silly, I know but the...
  13. Aha! Now we know why some of us can't get one!

    Articles, Reviews & Multimedia
    For some reason, my wife went with me to the '06 auto show and fell in love with the Enclave concept. In '07 we saw the production version (albeit on a revolving platform) and examined the Outlook and Acadia. We went directly to the local Buick dealer, ordered it and took delivery in late May...
  14. Chevy Traverse

    Other Lambda Models
    Here's a link to some spy information about the upcoming 2009 Chevy Traverse...their version of our beloved Enclave! http://www.edmunds.com/insideline/do/GeneralFuture/articleId=122687?tid=edmunds.il.futurelanding.latestnews..2.* Jay
  15. Where are the New York Enclaves?

    Buick Enclave
    Re: NYC to The Poconos -- not a single Enclave! We just drove back and forth through the Poconos on I-80 in ours. I've not seen another one for weeks. For some reason the Enclaves are still relatively rare in the Ohio-PA-NJ-NYC corridor. Jay