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  1. Gimbal to take professional photos of my car

    Just curious if you're passionate about your car? To be honest, I've taken a lot of photos, but I'm still not pleased by the quality, and I guess, that the matter isn't in camera. Maybe my shaking hands prevent me from qualitative shooting ? Maybe it's worth trying gimbals?
  2. Aqaurium in the wall

    I don't know how they do it but I know that there are certain ways to keep the aquarium clean for longer. What I heard about are the aquarium worms and live rocks. The live rocks are a natural filter while the worms decompose the rest of the garbage. Maybe there is a way that makes it easy to...
  3. Want to Upgrade to Travel Trailer

    Towing & Hauling
    Very cool idea, I think you will be very comfortable. I am new on this and just pick my own trailer. Found a site which describes the best trailers - https://www.crowsurvival.com/teardrop-trailers/. Can you advise which one is better?
  4. Recourse Against Rental Property Manager?

    it's better when you have your own property because you waste your money once and then you own it, but renting you waste your money permanently