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  • cfedor ·
    Got a bunch of crap codes going on with the "Cherry-Ot". P0326, P0335, P0336, P0366, P0391. Does this at all, sound like JUST a timing chain, guides and cam sensor issue to to you? I was told at the dealer that I need an entire new engine for $8,700.00. I have called Fraser, Jasper, Edward's transmission and engines. And the best i could figure out was a remanufactured engine from Fraser for 3,700.00 + Edward's dropping it in for 2,500.00. For a total of 6,200.00+ tax. I do have someone telling me that they can change the chain, sprockets, guides, a new cam shaft seal, spark plugs(if needed) for 1,800.00+ tax and a 150.00 tow for the thing. 154k miles on it. Is it worth even doing it, or would you unload it for sale as is for 2,500.00-3,000. And if I were to do the work and it didn't work at all, that would be a crappy deal. I had it out on FB market place for 2,500.00 and had 45 people chime on that they wanted it. Thanks for ANY thoughts, Chris
    rbarrios ·
    my suspicion is also the bearings.

    the rear shocks- would not cause whistling. not sure how they would whistle.

    they are also easy to change
    joenovs ·
    Hi Sir! It is me again. I have a question if you dont mind. I heard whisling sounds in the rear tires when accelerating. The sounds get louder at higher speed. After searching in youtube, I believed that is a wheel bearing problem. I brought my BE to a nearby shell station shop and the mechanic disagreed my suspicion and he simply said that the rear struts need to be replaced as they are very bad. Asked if they are the causes of the whisling sounds, he is not so sure. What do you think of this? Thanks.
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