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  1. Spotify/Spotify plays

    Hello everyone! I have a question. Do you use Spotify? If so, could you tell me if you've observed that some people got spotify plays extremely fast? Is it true that a lot of people use services that boost spotify plays?
  2. 2015 Buick Enclave Air Conditioning Problem

    General Tech
    Hey friend just take and find yourself a person from the service support that much easier and more economical in terms of time and money. Personally I did so found a man from aircon servicing company and now I don't have any headache with my air conditioner. I think this is the easiest way.
  3. I need information about personal loan

    lol, what's wrong? I really hate this bureaucracy, that's why I didn't even tried to find some information about taking a loan...
  4. I need information about personal loan

    Hello, friends, I'm 23 and I didn't take any loan because my parents did it instead of me, so I'm not well versed in questions related to loans. I don't even know what documents should I have in order to take a loan... I feel like a useless and defenseless child...
  5. Question about farm building

    My father is going to build a stable complex, but I'm sick and tired of this constant repair and building of something new on the farm... What to do?