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  1. Alternatives to Enclave

    Buick Enclave
    We were up at Gayle-Boyd last week to see the cashmere in person!! My husband likes it better than the titanium and I initially liked the titanium better, but the cashmere has grown on me (like your wife, the dramatic color difference is a bit much for me, but my husband thinks it looks classy...
  2. Texas Buyers, What are you paying?

    Buying, Leasing & Custom Ordering
    Are you guys really getting supplier discount AND conquest? Every dealer we've talked to said we can't apply both?
  3. Alternatives to Enclave

    Buick Enclave
    Osli - hey, we're in the KC metro area as well! Did you by chance by from Andy Klein in Overland Park? I've been watching the inventory in about a 200 mile radius for weeks and seems like a black one from there was sold!
  4. Auto Loan Interest Rates

    4.75% for 60 months through my dad's employee credit union (I used to be an employee of the same company, but can get the rate bc he is a current employee and I'm a family member).
  5. Alternatives to Enclave

    Buick Enclave
    Thank you for posting this! We were looking to replace our Jeep Grand Cherokee in December and have been exploring all of our options since this spring. When we saw the Acadia/Outlook, we loved them. Then when we saw the Enclave, we fell in love!! Unfortunately, our Jeep has bit the dust and the...
  6. Cashmere leather interior question

    Interior & Electrical
    Thanks! I feel better knowing it's dk brown and not black. However it being too light does concern me with a 2 year old, another baby on the way in the future, and a chocolate lab. I don't like how light the Acadia's gray interior is and prefer the Enclave's gray interior as it is darker. Is the...
  7. Cashmere leather interior question

    Interior & Electrical
    We are going to order our Enclave CXL tomorrow and have gone back and forth on the Platinum with Titanium (which we've seen in person) vs. the Cocoa Metallic (seen in person) with the Cashmere leather (have not seen in person). It seems like it's a fairly dark tan on the Buick website, but is...