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  1. Bored Games

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  2. Calling all snowbelt FWD owners.........

    Buick Enclave
    Also from Michigan, 148 inches this year and no problems at all. Never even thought about it.
  3. Bored Games

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  4. How good is your reaction time when driving an Encalve: A Test

    Buick Enclave
    .39! That's why I fixed em, didn't fly em.
  5. Creaky Seat

    General Tech
    Re: Squeaky Seat Yes, I currently waiting for parts. They have to remove and replace the whole seat pan. When they got the part and were replacing it one of the motors was bad and they are not replaceable so they had to order the part again. No big deal, just them working on it lessened the...
  6. Bored Games

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  7. Bored Games

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    see spot run
  8. I did it!

    Buick Enclave
  9. What did you drive in High School

    1954 Chevy convert. Paid $35 for it, and the only thing that worked constantly was the roof. Banged around in it for a year. and sold it for $35. pretty good year, 1964.
  10. Bored Games

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    Hughe O'Brien
  11. Stainless Steel Grill for 2008-2009 Envlave

    Body / Exterior
    Me, I just think it makes it look like an Arcadia, I mean Acadia.
  12. Hello. And Bye.

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    He put the same message on the Traverse forum.
  13. HD Radio availability & integration?

    Here in the Mid-West I haven't even heard of HD radio. Course, I'm so old I watched TV by candlelight till I was 15.
  14. God Bless our American Election

    The last time I carried a AR-15 (read M-16), I was wearing a funny green suit. The guys wearing the funny green suits now should be able to carry one as well as the guys wearing Blue wearing badges. But, I don't need one nor does my neighbor or your neighbor. Assault weapons are designed for one...
  15. Can we move on now?

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    Are my poor Lions going to go 0-16?
  16. For the BHO Defenders

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    PAPoPo, I believe my ignorance is only exceeded by your pomposity. Last Word on Politics
  17. Whining noise during idling

    General Tech
    Had the same problem about 15 years ago on one of my cars. Removed the teen-ager haven't had the problem since.
  18. Using Remote Start and Keeping The A/C On

    General Tech
    I have found that there is a hesitation when I turn the key. The fan cuts off for 10-15 sec. then comes back on at the appropriate level.
  19. Bored Games

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    Broderick Crawford
  20. Flash to pass

    Interior & Electrical
    You guys must be the only ones who ever use the "flash to pass" as I haven't seen any one do that for quite a few years.
1-20 of 141 Results