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  1. Garage kept or not? Heated or not?

    Always garage kept, not heated, but insulated. And we live in a mild climate.
  2. Gas Prices

  3. A moment when I realized how much I love my Enclave

    Buick Enclave
    I traded our 08 the first of this year, primarily from fear of the wave plate. It was CXL and had the folding mirrors, which were a blessing many times. When I bought the 11, I did not research the packages enough and got the CXL1. NO folding mirrors! Moral of the story: Go to top of the line...
  4. ATTY ad: 08-10 owners and leasees

    Just got letter from Strategic Legal Practices, an LA law firm. Claims that the founder used to work for auto company, and now wants to help us. these vehicles have had problems with "steering, water leaks, and airbag waring lights as well as other electrical concerns." According to this...
  5. Dogs, and what they cost

    Here is a dog that only cost a beer: http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=xdj67XknFrM
  6. The Oncologist Gave My Mom About Two Weeks On April 1st . . . ***UPDATE***

    Re: The Oncologist Gave My Mom About Two Weeks On April 1st . . . Our prayers are with you, your mother and your family. Your mother is blessed to have such a family.
  7. Dogs, and what they cost

    We do not currently have a dog, tho we have had one or more most of our lives. They are such a part of the family that it is impossible to put a price on them. Having said that, I am writing to convey a story from our daughters in laws. Her Father-in-Law is an avid hunter, horseman etc. He has a...
  8. Gas Prices

    $4.09 here. :facepalm:
  9. Tales about distracted driving.

    My worst distracted driver is with our "rolling computer" cars. When the E was new, and now with the new Cmax, I find myself checking out the various displays on the DIC or equivalent. The Cmax has instananeous data on current MPG, average MPG and EV, mixed or gas operation. After I am used to...
  10. Kinda surprised.........

    your profile tells how many ignore you, but I was unable to find how many one is ignoring. I found I am ignored by one. I know from memory, tho, that I am ignoring only one. :cheers:
  11. Gas Prices

    $4.09 9/10 Chevron this morning. This station is usually among the lowest majors locally.
  12. Confused!! Leather seats wear???

    Interior & Electrical
    I had my 08 (titanium leather) 5 1/2 years. I weigh 250. No appreciable wear when I turned it in. Granted, it was low mileage, but since April of 2011 it has been our "local" car. That means all the running around town, short trips in adn out of the car over and over again. Sliding my fat okole...
  13. Sometimes having an 8 passenger vehicle makes things more difficult.

    Interior & Electrical
    Kid Once, in talking to my adult daughter about somehting the grandkids wanted, she told me that you can say "no." ;D
  14. Power folding mirrors? Standard on 2008-2012 EnclaveS?

    Buick Enclave
    08 standard on CXL. 11 NOT on CXL1, only on CXL 2.
  15. Norton Intrusion blocked notification

    Feedback, Questions & Problems
    Me too, just happened this time.
  16. On Star Telephone Ah Ha Moment

    Audio, Video & Nav
    One more little unhappy Onstar telephone experience. We were driving down to the Ford dealer to trade my 08 in and I called onstar to cancel safe and sound and transfer my minutes to my '11. Sorry about that! the minutes are lost! Cannot transfer or credit minutes. Why not? Yada Yada Yada! I...
  17. what happens when you have a wave plate failure?

    Engine & Drivetrain
    From previous conversations, I think I had about the same build date as ccats. I just traded it in with 45K on th clock. I hated to see her go, but with the major maintenance items coming up, the wave plate "cloud" it was time.
  18. Cool music/cool cars

    http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=sDc0ID6PJeg&feature=youtu.be If you are not old enough to remember, here is what you missed :cheers:
  19. younger generation lol

    When we picked up our new leased car yesterday, among the myriad papers to sign, was one guareenteeing that we would read the owners manyual before installing chains. Some one put the wrong size chains on a car, had damages, and so naturally sued the dealership and ford, despite the info inthe...
  20. Down to one Enclave

    No. The plug in model costs 5K more. One would have to drive a lot and have low electricity prices to pay for it. I leased this car for 36 months, the length of the B2B warranty. We do not like surprises, and I think even though it is a more expensive practice, we are going to go with leases...
1-20 of 181 Results