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  1. Buick encore forum

    I was wondering if there was anyone on here who had seen and driven the Encore. I drove one the other day and since I am looking for something smaller than my Enclave now, I didn't mind the smaller size. I like that it will be easier to drive and have better gas mileage. I need a better look at...
  2. Today

    WAY Off Topic: Members Only
    I can FEEL the love you had/have for your father!! God Bless you![/color] :sunny:
  3. Rosita...sunbathing in the NUDE!!

    WAY Off Topic: Members Only
    For those of you who are interested...[/color] v v v v v[/color] :blob: :cheers: :happy: :clap2: :hyper: :clap: :love: :phone: :friday: :woot: :yikes: :hilarious2: :veryhappy: :hilarious: :coolpics: :party: :offtopic: :banana: v v v v v[/color]
  4. Oct 2011 Enclave sales 4509, down 3.9%

    Articles, Reviews & Multimedia
    GoldEnclave, you are as in touch and tech savvy as you ever were, in your younger days!! :cheers:
  5. Small Enclave?/They squished the Enclave (MERGED)

    Automaker News
    Re: Small Enclave? Uck![/color] :banghead:
  6. Missing Members

    Feedback, Questions & Problems
    I knew you would miss me sooner or later GoldEnclave... [/color] :comfort: Man, people called us "obsessive" back in the day (2007) because of how much we were on here. But, it sure looks like the second crop here are way worse than we were. Now you have Guru's and more! I think you guys are...
  7. 2008 Buick Enclave CXL Fully Loaded - For Sale

    Cars for Sale
    Beautiful car neo97. I hope you find a buyer! It'll be a great deal for the right person![/color]
  8. Puppy mills and dog auctions

    WAY Off Topic: Members Only
    Good luck Sailfish! Another thing we have in common!! I work with National Mill Dog Rescue, out of Colorado Springs. (I am in Colorado). I do an Adoption Fair every other Sunday at our Greeley Petco. Adopted an Australian Shepherd from them last year. He's an awesome boy! Good luck with what...
  9. Small Enclave?

    Rumor Mill
    Wow, the Baby Enclave!! I will definately have to have one of these!!!! And will probably be ready for a new car by then! Totally awesome![/color] :cheers:
  10. Problem: Shortage of Substantive Posts

    Feedback, Questions & Problems
    Ahhhhhh yes, this place was soooooooooo much fun--back in the day! :ohno: Yeah 2Much, I think some of these threads were unique to "our" forum and set us apart from the rest. We truly were a group of friends, and got to know each other better than most car forum members. :drunk: Sailfish, of...
  11. Problem: Shortage of Substantive Posts

    Feedback, Questions & Problems
    Hmmmmmmmm, "rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated"... [/color] :eyebrow: I heard someone mentioned my name...[/color] :poke: And Sailfish, I keep hearing yer funny, like me...?????? By the way, I was the first one to use that line here, "You like me, you really like me". Just...
  12. A sad day around here

    I remember hearing about this. So awful. We had one killed in Greeley, just last month, a few days before Thanksgiving. The first one in 70 years. They have a very difficult life. And how sad for their families.[/color] :(
  13. Does this look right? Front bumper photo

    Buick Enclave
    Ew. No, that is not right. Is it loose? Looks like it will get snagged on something, sooner or later. I would have the dealer look at it, at least.
  14. Falling off the board!

    WAY Off Topic: Members Only
    Well, I decided to post over here because I, too, have been absent for so long! Sorry to hear about your Enclave troubles Gmoney, but glad it is "fixed". I have 51,000+ on my Enclave without anything too major. They did have to replace some leather on the side of my drivers seat. I am still in...
  15. Do you care how people view you in terms of what you drive ???

    No wait Axiama, I have another question about the Roomba. Is it powerful enough for dog hair? Albeit, "little" dog hair...I HATE to vacuum, so usually don't. The Roomba would be the perfect solution for me! Oh, and it won't eat my little doggy if she gets in the way, will it??[/color] ::)
  16. Sex in the Back Seat

    WAY Off Topic: Members Only
    Just popped in here and see that SITBS has "taken a back seat" OR "gone out of style", evidently...[/color] :sosad: What's wrong with this younger generation??!?!?![/color] :ohno:
  17. We should have a chat thread.

    Well, I'm back. I know, nothing like popping in here every 5 or 6 months. You don't have to say it Axiama.[/color] :sosad: Ouch! So your hubby doesn't know a flashing red light is a good reason to STOP?? Sweet! [/color] :violent: Lastly...have you seen WICKED yet???[/color] :poke:
  18. HELP For Son

    Buick Enclave
    Yep, a few years ago I just asked my Buick dealer if they would do warranty work on an Oldsmobile that I sold my sister and they said "Si! Of course!" Money is Money...even if it comes from GM. Go to a GOOD dealer my friends (and everyone here knows how much I love my dealer!)[/color] :-*
  19. Meet in Lansing MI summer 2010

    I think I have been gone too long. If it wasn't for 2Much poking me now and then, I'd never know what was going on around here, I'm afraid. SO, yer all having a party, eh? :cheers: Well, that's a long way for most peoples if the spouses aren't included. If I remember correctly spouses are...
  20. Congratulations axiama / new baby girl!!!

    So Axiama, are any of the 3 girls teenagers yet??[/color] :eyebrow:
1-20 of 200 Results