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  1. Well, I may be headed for the dark side, the evil empire

    O and BTW if you do go with a VC get the saddle brown leather if you can find it, supposedly in limited production...EVERYONE that has been in our vehicle raved about it.....extremely different but really makes the car look much more "rich".....
  2. Well, I may be headed for the dark side, the evil empire

    Bsox, I replied to your PM...give me a call Ill fill you in on my experiences mostly positive.....to sum up the comparison of the E and the VC is actually pretty simple.....The E is more of a luxury ride in terms of on the road driving, the VC is much mroe sporty and peppier.....it is a harder...
  3. My Hyundai Veracruz

    Well Im gettin alot better treatment it appears from Hyundai then I did from Gm and that is not to bash but to merely answer your question. I received a phone call from Hyundai that they are doing a cost analysis to see if it would be better to just replace my entire vehicle instead of the...
  4. My Hyundai Veracruz

    I did pay less out of pocket for the veracruz but I was referencing sticker to sticker.....sorry about that should have clarified...I agree all vehicles have their problems and I didnt post to get into the foreign vs American debate...I was harsh with my criticism of GM and felt it was only fair...
  5. My Hyundai Veracruz

  6. My Hyundai Veracruz

    Not sure what is going to happen next chumster....supposed to be in the shop for at least 2-3 weeks....we will go from there...I might take tour guides advice and get a highlander...Ill let him test drive it for me first...If he makes it Ill buy it...If not Ill take it as a lesson learned :)...
  7. My Hyundai Veracruz

    my veracruz was 7000 dollars more than my enclave....:)
  8. My Hyundai Veracruz

    As you all know I went out and purchased a 2008 Hyundai Veracruz after a plethora of issues with my 08 Enclave....well in all fairness I had to come post here and give you an update. Today I find out they are replacing the engine in the vehicle with just over 12000 miles on it. I saw an oil leak...
  9. A 2008 CXL on the lot here... Tempting... No miles, not "exec driven"...

    Buying, Leasing & Custom Ordering
    Re: A 2008 CXL on the lot here... Tempting... No miles, not "exec driven"... check the month it was built for one.....and read these forums. Some months seemed to have more issues than others. A sunroof in an 08 I'd avoid if you could get one in an 09 for a similar price. I had an 08 encalve...
  10. 2008 - transmission problems????

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Below are the trade in values not retail value for that vehilce including navigation..... according to kelly blue book website.... Excellent $30,900 Good $29,400 Fair $26,700
  11. Any NHL fans here ???

    Game 1 was a classic....I thought Carolina scored with 20 odd seconds left....he shot it right into Fleury.... :ohno:
  12. Chinese imports could bring GM political troubles

    Automaker News
    Thanks Plague....I do appreciate your self righteousness. :notworthy: Over 1550 posts and I am a troll...lol :rofl: Maybe you read from different glasses than I but here is an excerpt from the article: GM is getting funding from U.S. taxpayers to help save the company," Sen. Sherrod Brown...
  13. Any NHL fans here ???

    I dunno cuz we dont have any prima donna players like Cindy crosby? :beer:
  14. Any NHL fans here ???

    I am a Flyers fan, the most over penalized team in the league!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :banghead:
  15. I am so pissed, my son's elastic toy has ruined my rear passenger door panel!!

    Interior & Electrical
    Lol.....is the original post serious?? How does that fall back on the manufacturer of the toy? If your son ran a matchbox over the hood of the vehicle and scratched the paint , would you sue Matel even though it doesnt have a disclaimer on the package not to do that? id be angry but not at the...
  16. One last Enclave Story for you people

    Yes I have , the dealer where I purchased it picks the vehicle up at my house for any service and of course returns it when they are finished. Washes it while there and also will provide lifetime inspection of it and a loaner vehicle if need be. All in all a good experience, purchasing my...
  17. Chinese imports could bring GM political troubles

    Automaker News
    Trolling? they are using the money from the taxpayers to run the plants in China....lmao trolling. It's all good, you all still wear that GM designer eyewear........and the snowball grows. Ill be back in a few months as the plot thickens, maybe then I can get some answers from the Pro american...
  18. One last Enclave Story for you people

    Ummm that post is over two months old??....hello?
  19. Chinese imports could bring GM political troubles

    Automaker News
    Im truly saddened by all those bashers of foreign car owners that you can not garner enough gumption to comment on this article. It is almost like some will eat "crow"....I find it humorous. The new way to introduce your GM vehicle is " hi, I am Joe Schmoe, I own a US based company, imported...
  20. Chinese imports could bring GM political troubles

    Automaker News
    wow...all those people who were so outspoken regarding others buying foreign vehicles have nothing to say on this matter? This is your company!!!! I am not trying to start trouble, I would love to hear honest opinions on what you think about this situation!!!
1-20 of 200 Results