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  1. 2019 unexpected breaking

    Brakes, Suspension, Wheels & Tires
    2019 enclave essence. I park in a parking garage on an incline area. this comes and goes 2 weeks nothing now last 2 weeks everyday. Situation. SUV parked over night. I backup up hill, shift to drive start turning my wheel as I start to move down the ramp. after moving around 3 car spaces the...
  2. side mirror single indicates only with lights on

    Body / Exterior
    my 2019 enclave side mirror turn singles only function if the headlights are on at night. I thought they would work in the daytime. Has anyone noticed this or does youur signals work in daytime ?
  3. 2018 Avenir - electronic emergency brake - fault

    Buick Enclave
    2019 essence parked in garage on sloped ramp. I backup then put in drive and start to coast down ramp after about 15 feet the break hits hard once at round 3-7 mph. The car has been sitting overnight each time. Can not reproduce after driving. Spoke with Dealership. they say there is some run...
  4. new 2019 Enclave first 1k miles

    New Member Section
    Traded in an 17 Envision for 19 Enclave. Boy what a wonderful difference and suv. put 1k miles on it this week. Everything is great. Some things I love about it over other cars I have owned many other buicks. 1. the ride is the best part. the handling and quite ride the best. 2. interior...
1-4 of 4 Results