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  1. HVAC Temperature Actuator Replacement (with pictures)

    Interior & Electrical
    Awesome! I was hoping this would help others with the same issues. I'm glad I thought to drill the hole for my sake, and yours mlaaw!
  2. HVAC Temperature Actuator Replacement (with pictures)

    Interior & Electrical
    Well, this story begins when my 2010 Enclave began blowing ONLY very hot air on the passenger side of the dual climate. Before I could even get to the dealer, the driver side also started blowing ONLY very hot air. Took it to them and they recalibrated the temperature actuators and told me that...
  3. Passenger temp blowing HOT

    Interior & Electrical
    I imagine you've gotten this issue fixed by now, but if not, it sounds like it is your Passenger Blend Actuator. I just replaced the Passenger and Driver Actuators, as both Passenger and Driver sides were blowing very hot. And for additional info, there are 3 actuators accessed from the...
  4. Rear Light Bulb Replacement

    Interior & Electrical
    I've done the same. And I DEFINITELY recommend just pulling the panel off enough to access and remove the bulbs! With the wealth of information on this forum, it's really no big deal at all!
  5. Stabilitrac/check engine

    Interior & Electrical
    They should be able to read the code that was thrown. This sounds similar to the conditions my wife experienced a few months ago. I believe they wound up replacing the transmission control module. Haven't had any other related issues since then. I did find a couple posts throught the search for...
  6. Heat issues

    General Tech
    You can troubleshoot and see which actuator(s) it could be by removing the instrument panels under the dash on the driver and passenger side, and removing the glovebox. I recently had to replace both the passenger and driver side Temperature Blend Actuators. Mine was ONLY blowing very hot air...
  7. 2011 Warranty Question?

    General Tech
    Not 100% sure, but I don't think bulbs are covered.
  8. Need Your Opinions on whether to Keep or Sell 2010 Buick Enclave CXL

    Buick Enclave
    I'm kinda in the same boat. Trying to decide if it would be beneficial to keep vs. trade in on something else. My 2010 CXL just rolled over 98,000 miles. Not to scare you, but I recently had my Enclave at the dealer for Warranty work to replace the Transmission Control Module. Fortunately, we...
  9. 2010 CXL 4WD - Sudden Loss of Power... DANGEROUS and Can't Diagnose at Dealer

    General Tech
    My wife recently experienced your same symptoms. The dealer read the same codes and is supposed to fix the issue on Monday. Everything so far has seemed to go pretty smoothly. Fortunately, we were 2000 miles and about 6 months away from being out of warranty. I'll try to remember to update with...
  10. 2013 wheels on a 2008?

    Brakes, Suspension, Wheels & Tires
    Awesome! Glad you're happy with them. I know I sure am....
  11. Do you have personalized plates on your Enclave/Vanity license plates?

    Parts, Accessories & Upgrades
    Had an epiphone today on what I could get.... "MCCLAVE" Play off the last name McElhaney.
  12. -HID Fog Install Guide- 2012 Enclave

    Would it matter if it's a 35W or 55W HID kit, seeing as the H11 is a 55W bulb to begin with? I'm thinking the 55W would give even better light output, assuming it wouldn't exceed the capabilities of the wiring.
  13. Who is driving your enclave more - Male or Female?

    The exact same here....
  14. Replace Rear Bulbs

    Interior & Electrical
    Yeah, I've referenced your list many times to see which bulbs would work best for each application. After tomorrow, I will have replaced all my lights interior and exterior except the brake lights. I'm going to get a better grasp on using the load resistors before I attempt those. What wires did...
  15. Buick Enclave 2008-2010 Factory Service Repair Manual Download

    General Tech
    Just downloaded this and it worked perfectly! I was hesitant at first, since nothing in life is free.... But worked like a charm, lots of useful information! Thanks @cfedor for bringing this back up!
  16. Replace Rear Bulbs

    Interior & Electrical
    I'm gonna try to knock this out tomorrow. I've recently purchased a 2010 E and love the clean, modern look so I'm going with LED replacement.
  17. LED White Lighting

    Body / Exterior
    Not 100% sure, but I think the black would be your ground and the blue your turn signal.
1-17 of 17 Results