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  1. Window Tint

    See the last 3 pictures in my gallery compared to the ones up front. The front Brow is somewhat hard to see due to the sun but you can make it out. Taking the gamble because 15% will get me a ticket here too if they stop me but been doing this for years. Let me know if you have any furhter...
  2. Window Tint

    I had the front 2 windows tinted 15% as well as a "brow" across the top of the windshield and have no issues. Makes it look a alot nicer with all the windows tinted. They chose 15% becasue it was as close to the rear windows as they could get. Always ask for "charcoal base" so I know the tint...
  3. Wind Noise

    General Tech
    I drive my wife's Enclave on the weekend. She said she noticed that there is more wind/road/??? noise on her side than the drivers side (front seat). I sat over there and she is correct, there IS more noise on the front passenger side than the drivers side but I can't tell where it is coming...
  4. Delta News

    Buick Enclave
    Sorry fenwah. I didn't mean to post something that was already on the site somewhere else! Please forgive me! I think I will go drive my wifes Enclave and stop adding my thoughts to this site!
  5. Delta News

    Buick Enclave
    See the attached. - Jason

    Buying, Leasing & Custom Ordering
    www.gmsupplierdiscount.com. You need to have a supplier code to get on. Not sure if you can browse around without a supplier code. I have one so I never tried it. - Jason
  7. Transportation Time

    Buying, Leasing & Custom Ordering
    Not sure if it is different for other states or not but our dealer told us the carrier has 5 business days to get the truck to the dealership here in central Indiana. It took him 5 days from the day it was released for shipment to show up. Driver told him this was his last stop and he delivered...
  8. GM Card Earnings

    Buying, Leasing & Custom Ordering
    tstew737 - You can use your GM dollars with the supplier discount but there is a catch. You have to change the card you carry to the Extended Family card. Bum part of the deal is that you only earn 1% rather than 5 or whatever your card offers. You can convert your existing GM earnings over to...
  9. What is your Enclave replacing?

    2004 Chevy Impala Nice car but not enough room for growing kids (5 and 7) and their friends. Wanted more room but didn't want to go back to a van nor a suburban. My Silverado Crew cab already drinks enough gas. Our CX should be here anyday. Was told it was released for shipment last Friday (6/15)
  10. Supplier Pricing?

    Buying, Leasing & Custom Ordering
    It's back up now. At least where I go is. I have attached a document (I think) showing where I go.
  11. Locate a Enclave on Buick.com

    Buick Enclave
    Be cautious as the VIN numbers for the FWD and the AWD's are the same (at least they were ont he 4 I looked @) so you don't know what they have! ??? The Saturn website was like this for awhile when it first started up and then it started showing the correct information for the Outlook. Word to...
  12. Supplier Pricing?

    Buying, Leasing & Custom Ordering
    The supplier pricing website is now up and functional for those of you that have access to it :thumb:.
  13. Buick Website

    Buick Enclave
    Check out the new Buick Enclave website!!!! :thumb: You can actually locate vehicles at dealers via zip codes which benefits you guys that haven't seen one yet! Enjoy. :cheers:
  14. When is the official release date?

    Buick Enclave
    You are now able to put your zip code in the "Start of Something Beautiful" section on the Buick Enclave web page. It pulls up another screen with a list of local dealers that are hosting the event. Doesn't appear that all dealers will be doing this.
  15. Supplier Pricing?

    Buying, Leasing & Custom Ordering
    Went to a dealer in Lafayette, Indiana and had them build the following Enclave: Enclave CX FWD - $32790 Platinum Metallic Ebony Cloth 8 passenger seating ($495) 18" double spoke wheels - $225 Sunroof - $1300 Trailer Tow - $425 Total MSRP - $34245 Supplier Price - $32449 :thumb: Ordered it...
  16. Enclave real life pictures!

    Picture Share
    TICNER58 - :help: Would it be possible to get more pictures of the gold mist metallic? What color interior does it have? My wife is interested in this color and the platimum metallic with ebony interior. I am in Central IN, what Dealership has them in Ft Wayne? Thank you in advance. - Jason
  17. Number of Enclaves

    Buick Enclave
    Re: Enclave Sightings Passed one in Central Indiana on Easter Sunday @ 9am. SR 25 north headed out of Lafayette. Cocoa. Looked very nice! Wife told me that we should turn-a-round but we were late for church. :o
  18. 2008 Brochures now at dealerships

    Buick Enclave
    I got a brochure from a dealer in central Indiana on 3/29. Nice Brochure but too bad the only colors they show are cocoa and 1 picture of a silver. The accent stripe looks good on them though! :)
1-18 of 18 Results