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air conditioning
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  1. Interior & Electrical
    Had to have another one my husband says.......but - I love my Buick! It is 2015 less than 50K, actually 45812 miles. Found out today that - warranty is 4 years 50K miles. It is finished. I am out of warranty. Dealer said rear blower boter came apart - debrid caused the rear evaporator and...
  2. General Tech
    Hi, All, Sorry, this is both an AC issue and now a check engine issue (maybe directly related). Unfortunately this started Saturday evening and so there are no shops open until next week to take a look at it. Summary of the issue: 2015 Enclave 66k miles. All of a sudden the AC cut out...
  3. General Tech
    Hi there everyone I have a couple questions I hope someone could answer. 1 Does the heater use the AC for any function? 2 Will the AC function in cold temps? I live in Iowa and it’s getting colder. When I got in the car this past Sunday I clicked the Auto button for the climate control. This...
1-3 of 3 Results