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  1. Buick Enclave
    Wow! Is it cold where you live? Right now it’s -9 (-29 windchill) where I live. My 2014 Envlave didn’t want to start, just clicks. So I had to jump start it. This makes the second time this winter 😖 Today it took three tries. When it finally started it sounded pretty rough and threw lots of...
  2. General Tech
    So, my mom has a Buick Enclave 2012. The service battery charging system code popped up. She got a new battery, and it seemed okay but then the message popped up again and then disappeared and then popped up again later. After test driving the battery saver came on so we went home. So when that...
  3. General Tech
    I joined the forum just to share this: I have a 2009 Enclave, without a moonroof, with tremendous water leak/intrusion issues. I bought the car new from Carmax, it is now out of their warranty. The car had so much condensation inside the car that a towel was needed to clear the inside of the...
  4. Buick Enclave
    We have a 2010 Enclave and other than the original factory battery, we have had 2 failures within 2 years of a dealer installed, new Delco battery. Is this a thing or am I just unlucky with Delco batteries?
1-4 of 4 Results