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  1. Buick Enclave
    I recently purchases a Buick Enclave and I noticed it stated (after the fact) I consent to GPS tracking by the finance company, an apparent violation of my personal privacy. Is the GPS attached to my car or is the tracking done via the Sirius XM or Navigation System the vehicle currently has...
  2. Buick Enclave
    I love the car I just bought but cant figure out why I have a fully working GPS Mapping Navigation System and a fully functional Sirius XM radio when I never signed up for or paid for the services. Do these things come with the SUV for free? There isn't anything in my paperwork about a free...
  3. New Member Section
    GPS on my 2013 Enclave has quit working. I did have an Onstar account and received a notification from Buick that my 2G system would no longer be supported. My car has an on-board navigation system and does not require an Onstar account, I think. When I enable my navigation system, I get a GPS...
  4. Audio, Video & Nav
    Just curious to see if anyone purchased the updated maps for a 2013 or newer Enclave? I have a 2016 but curiously, maps are dated back to 2013. Looking for input as the latest update is 2017 and is at least 160$ Don't think it is worth it but I could be proven wrong. Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results