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  1. My family & I are DONE with Buick/GMC

    Buick Enclave
    Ever since they hit the show room floor 2008 I have always wanted a Buick Enclave. In 2015 my dream came true and I purchased my first Buick I even paid for the extended warranty. I was so excited "Made in USA!" Buick stood for something "Quality" I actually worked for a Dealer Ship in Baton...
  2. MP# music on USB Flash Drive

    Buick Enclave
    Hi all! I have a 2015 fully loaded Enclave and love it! QUESTION: Is there any way to have the radio remember the last song or group of music to play next time you start the car up? Every time I start the car, the first alphabetical song starts to play,,,,, and it's my wife's Adel......yuck...