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  1. Aftermarket/Upgrades
    What is the best way to get that much wire thru without going underneath the car?
  2. Audio, Video & Nav
    Hi! I've got an 2011 Enclave that about a year after owning, the steering wheel radio controls no longer work. The cruise and other options on the left side on steering wheel work but radio controls do not. So this has to be a fuse right?? Has anyone had this issue and how was it corrected? If...
  3. Audio, Video & Nav
    I purchased a Pioneer W4500NEX aftermarket stereo which I like much more than the stock unit. The only issue is that the "chime" module that the standard install came with (from Best Buy) is used for the turn signals and is very soft (it's set to the max volume the chime can do, but it's buried...
1-3 of 3 Results