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2008 buick enclave clx
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The motor killed while driving in my 08 CLX Enclave all dash lights, radio ect was still on but it would barely put out to turn over when I tried to start it again. About an hour after that it wouldn't even turn over then shortly after that had zero power all lights wouldn't come on. I tested battery at O'Reilly it was shot so I put brand new one in, it struggled to turn the car over but it started and after 20 minutes it died again I then noticed the battery light on so I changed the alternator, it cranked up and the battery light was off, I then drove less than a 1/4 mile and it dies as soon as I pull in to a store parking lot and won't turn over again. I tried jumping it twice after that leaving cables on for 1 hr each time and it did absolutely nothing. Also a week or so before the first time it died it said service stabilitrak on the dash and stabilitrak turned off on its own and won't come back on either.
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