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My 08 Enclave started acting up about 2 weeks before it stopped turning over all together.
At 1st I noticed Rough, Loud Idel when I first started the engine (It would wine down to normal after abt 30 seconds).

Then a few days later when I cranked the key it would have a hard time turning over at all, but when I'd give it a little gas it would start up. But then when driving, When I had to step off the gas for Stop signs ans lights, It would Putter (Like it was having trouble getting gas).

Now she won't even turn over at all!
1st thought was Fuel Filter (But i guess there is no Stand alone Filter).
Fuel Pump, But I hear it prime when u turn the key!
I used a Fuel Pressure Pump and I am getting Gas up the lines to the Engine bay!
Next thought would be Coil Pack/Spark Plugs, (But would they all go like tht to where the car won't start?

Codes I'm getting are all EVAP/Fuel!

Any advice or thoughts on what it would be would greatly be appreciated
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