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This forum continues to grow rapidly, thanks to admin, and all of you out there who support it. :thumb:
I personally have never supported a forum to the extent that I have supported this one. It must be all the virtual friends that are here. Someday we may meet someplace other than cyberspace. :cheers:

I just realized that the Enclave forum got FEWER new members last month than the Acadia forum got,
1) MORE new topics (than Acadia forum)
2) MORE new posts "
3) MORE page views "

This is certainly a dedicated group. :thumb:

yes thank you admin, and i know admin is going to say its us that make it happen, BUT WITH OUT YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE WE WOULD NOT HAVE A SITE AT ALL. :thumb:

that would be cool, if i was in a better position i life (i dont have my own house :D) i would host a get to geather, but im probably the only one in the imediat area.
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