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2008 Buick Enclave...Just the car for Cinderella


If you were a prince (or not), and there was a beautiful maiden (or a woman with six kids) that you didn't want to depend on white mice and a pumpkin for transportation, you would send the Buick Enclave to fetch her. Why an Enclave? Let me tell you.

The Enclave is not your father's car. This royal coach is Buick's first luxury crossover. It has style and princely class tht is made for gowns, music, dancing, court jesters, and trumpets without a thought for the sands of an hourglass. If you want to carry your minnow bucket, catfish bait, tackle box, and pull your bass boat, then let me encourage you to buy a buggy with a surrey, or hay wagon.

The Enclave is polished, and designed more for space travel than traversing America's highways. It comes with standard seven-passenger seating, but a 60/40 split, second-row bench is also available if you want to carry eight passengers, which allows for an entourage of musicians, groomsmen, servants, ladies-in-waiting, jugglers, and royal in-laws to be seated comfortably.

2008 Buick Enclave CXL AWD (General Motors North America Buick Division)Enclave has more amenities that your Aunt Tillie's overnight bag. They include beautiful wheel spokes, standard xenon headlamps that turn in tandem with the front wheels, a power-operated gigantic sunroof that covers more space than Montana, a rear-mounted parking camera, programmable side-view mirrors, remote-controlled standard power liftgate, and a 275 horsepower, 251 lb-ft of torque engine with six-speed automatic transmission that would leave a legion of Roman chariots in the Tuscany dust.

Enclave has America's best coverage, including a five-year, 100,000 mile powertrain and a four-year, 50,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty. Road and Track Magazine sums up the Enclave pretty well when compared to other kingly models. "The Enclave is quieter than the Lexus RX350, Aura MDX, and Mercedes-Benz R-Class, [and has a] better frontal crash test rating than the Volvo XC90. Roomier than the Mercedes R-Class."

The dashboard of the 2008 Buick Enclave CXL AWD (General Motors North America Buick Division)The Enclave gets 16/24 MPG, runs quieter than a Russian Kiev Class Carrier, and is more rugged than a Conestoga wagon.

With silk-infused seat coverings, leather-wrapped steering wheel trimmed with mahogany, integrated cruise and audio controls, supple leather seats, a chrome bezel clock, and a lapis blue light emanating from the instrument panel you are wrapped in a sense of luxury not seen since the golden age of shipping—a time when the world's affluent people cruised the Atlantic. Add in AM/Fm Stereo, CD/Mp3 Player and XM Satellite Radio for the first three months, and you realize that the price of $44,000 is something that even a plebian could afford.
Can't wait to get mine so I can escort the Queen, 3 princes, and princess around town. :love:
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