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2009 "Upgrades"?

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OK, Since it looks like I wont be getting a 2008 Enclave :mad: , I have to start making myself feel better about the wait. Is there anyone out there with information on what will be added as a feature or option?

The current model has perforated leather front seats, correct? I want cooled front seats, so if it is not offered, I will have the aftermarket kits installed, but if the leather is already perforated, it will be easier.

The HUD is not a deal breaker for me (I don't have it now), but it would be a nice feature to have.

I know that many of these things have been talked about before, but is there anything else I can look forward to? Even if it is just a rumor? Thanks!
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i agree w/you som, since i couldnt get mine for my trip at the end of this month i will just wait for the 09 and be ready next year for my trip. i did read that gm is working on the hud for 09.
As someone already mentioned awhile ago, don't be surprised if Buick offers an Enclave Super edition that includes a V8 engine.
My salesman did tell me that cooled seats were being worked on for a fourth quarter release??? He could have no idea what he was talking about, but he had just attended the 'drive and learn'.

He also said they were going to put an input for MP3/Ipod inside the compartment on the top of the dash, so you could just put it in there and close it...no wires hanging around or theives seeing your Ipod!

Those are the only rumors I know of...
Dont know when and if, but my dealer was saying Hybrid may be added in the future. They are coming with a Yukon Hybrid already.
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