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2011 Enclave cooling issue - what do you think?

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I have a 2011 Buick Enclave, few months ago I started noticing small drips of antifreeze underneath the car on the garage floor, I remove the front cover to access the radiator cap and saw the fluid was a little low so I filled it up, It's never gotten over 220 but every now and then I have to put a little more antifreeze in it. I took it to a local mechanic to see if they could locate a possible leak in the cooling system they could not find one, they told me that it was most likely the thermostat sticking pressure would build up and antifreeze would leak out of weepoles they claim it's a safety issue these engines have to keep them from building up too much pressure, they wanted $800 roughly to replace the thermostat I thought that was ridiculous. So I'm going to do it myself But my question is does anybody know if what they say is correct that if your thermostat is sticking and pressures building up that there's a place where antifreeze leaks out to help relieve that pressure. It's not leaking all the time just on occasion I'll find some in the garage floor after a nice long drive The heater in the car works fine The AC in the car works fine. I've looked all around the thermostat housing and have not located any leaks but as a precaution I'm going to change out the thermostat and the housing anyways. Any advice would be appreciated
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Time to find a new mechanic. Your cooling system is operating fine which means your thermostat is opening and closing. If it was stuck open you would be seeing issues with it taking a long time to come up to temp or even not being able to hold temp. If it was stuck closed you'd be overheating. Even when it's closed though it's not going to build up excess pressure until it overheats. Think of it this way... when it's working properly the thermostat is closed every time you start your cold engine. There's no excess pressure, it's just closing off the route to the radiator so the coolant only circulates through the engine until it comes up to operating temp and opens, giving the coolant a path through the radiator where it cools.

Your drip is most likely coming from the weep hole in the water pump because it's pretty common. A decent mechanic would toss a pressure tester on there and see where the leak is coming from.

Lots of good discussion here:
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You may also have a microcrack on the radiator, small leak that only leaks when hot.
Or the hoses to the heater core.
Check all the connectors on this hose. It connects to the thermostat housing.
The hard plastic connectors may crack.

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