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For the last few months our 2012 Enclave has given us some issues with not starting right away, and then starting on second try. Traction Control going "off" notification, Engine light on and at times not driving well. Initially they did a fuel additive to clean out the injector pump as I understand it.
Yesterday I took it back in as the problem resumed a month later and they gave me this list of issues for $3,367.50
-P301 Ignition coil #3 replace
-Spark plugs replace in #1 ignition coil
-Broken Motor Mount
-Upper intake plenum needs decarbon
-Steer rack leaking
-Lugnuts to be replaced
-Engine belt cracked
---- It's odd to me that a month ago only the potential motor mount was mentioned and now we have much more to consider. Questions include do I trade in the vehicle and get a certified used vehicle or keep going with the current Enclave?
Thank you

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I'm not an Enclave expert although I own one, but I do lots of DIY repairs. If you don't have an OBDII dongle, you can buy one and plug it in when the check engine light (CEL) is on. It will give you codes. Write them down and Google them to find out what they mean. If you are tech savvy, consider a Kiwi blue tooth dongle and get the Dash Command app that interfaces with it. It will tell you lots of info about the system.

I have not replaced coils on an Enclave, but if you search YouTube you can find someone who has. I suspect it is not too difficult to do.

I went to Rock Auto and see coils from $20 to $50 each. Here is a link. The coil itself will likely fix the CEL and not driving well issue. You need to do this asap.

I have not come across this before, but maybe there is a code to tell you a spark plug is bad. My 2000 Ford Explorer OBDII puts out "misfires" which can happen due to a bad coil, but maybe a bad spark plug can cause those too. I suspect the Enclave will tell you about misfires as well if you get the Kiwi dongle and the app. I have not replaced my plugs in 130k miles, but probably should. You can check YouTube to see how hard that is. Sometimes the back 3 are hard to get to in front wheel drive cars.Or, maybe you are lucky and the bad one they are citing is on the easy side.

Motor mount - I've done one on my 2010 Enclave and it actually did not need it. I was chasing down a noise and thought it was the motor mount but was not. Depending on which one it is, they can be a real pain to replace. It would seem unlikely that motor mount is related to any of the other issues. You will likely notice some noise upon acceleration when the motor moves. You can lift the hood and have someone rev the motor and watch it as well to see how bad it is. All motors will move some so don't panic if it moves, but if it moves and "clanks" at the same time, maybe it is moving too much.

Log on to the my.buick.com site and enter your VIN to see if your power steering has an extended warranty. Mine does - which I found out after someone here suggested I check it. I have 20,000 more miles and a year and a half left on the power steering. :)

Lug nuts - if you need 'em, don't get them from the dealer.

A new belt is not too hard to put on, but chances are it will last years longer unless it really looks ragged.

Everybody's plenum probably needs cleaning. I would research that some before paying for that.

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$3367 lots of money for the work.

An independent shop will charge less... way less.

Search here and Traverse/Acadia forum.

There are threads Ive made on HOW to change the belt, how to change front motor mount.
and there will also be other posts with info.

If youre handy..... you can do some of this stuff.
Ive done the belt, motor mount, plugs (have to remove the coils to get to plugs) , thermostat, shocks, struts.

The only thing that had failed from the listed above-- was the motor mount. Eveything else I replace due to mileage
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