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GPS on my 2013 Enclave has quit working. I did have an Onstar account and received a notification from Buick that my 2G system would no longer be supported. My car has an on-board navigation system and does not require an Onstar account, I think. When I enable my navigation system, I get a GPS with a diagonal line through it. I have done the following with no success:
1. replaced the GPS and radio antenna on the roof.
2. Installed a new independent GPS antenna made for the year and model radio.
3. Disconnected the battery momentarily.
4. Gave the new GPS system time to "sync".
5. Disconnected the ONstar module completely.
6. Searched the internet for a solution.
7. Looked at GM website to get new update for the system and the 2013 is not supported.

I do not believe there is anything wrong with the radio/navigation system itself. It must be a software problem with the maps or simply planned obsolescence by GM. The XM radio works fine and I could easily purchase an aftermarket GPS system that mounts on the windshield, but I like this system and want what I paid for to work!
If anyone has a suggestion or knowledge of how to fix this problem, please help!

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Welcome mstycat. I would call the dealer or the GM customer service folks and ask them if there is an update available. Here's a site that sells the entire unit. Perhaps they have access to the software.

i also found a TSB that covers the 2013 Enclave nav:
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