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Yesterday I drove my wife's 2014 85k miles Enclave to work. When I tried to go back home at evening, by mistake I set the transmission on "L" and took off, when I realized I switched to "D" but the transmission stayed in first gear and the engine light came up. I pulled over, stop the engine, re-started and it did the same, staying in first gear and check engine light on. I was still close to my office so I drove like that for 1/4 mile and parked again. Checked oil, leaks, etc. I waited 15-20 minutes and I restarted the engine and tried shifting on manual using the button, it did shifted gear manually. I tried on "D" and it went back to shift normally althought the engine check light remained on.
I drove back home (80 miles) it worked fine with engine light on.
Today my wife drove around town no problems, engine light stayed on all day, until this evening when I was fixing to go to Autozone to check codes and I started the engine and the check engine light cleared up. I drove around the subdivision and seems like everything is back to normal.
Any experience with a similar situation ? I have read very frequently problems with transmission on Enclaves so I just want to be proactive if it is possible.
Appreciate any feedback.
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