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2015 Enclave, 2wd
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Drivers side DRLS-none working.
2015 Enclave 2wd, with HID headlights and LEDs for DRLS.
The DRL (many small LEDs) on the Drivers side stopped working. There are 14 leads on each headlight. They all stopped at once. These are not servicable.
I have a hard time believing they all went bad at once. Or maybe the are wired like the cheap Christmas Lights. If one of the 14 goes out they all go out. The replacement cost of the headlight assembly is ROBBERY!
$1,300.00 for one side.
My questions:
1. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the DRL?
2. Has anyone trouble shooter this problem?
3. Has anyone got brave and dissected this headlight to see if you can replace the led bulbs.
I think I have either a lack of power or bad ground. Because the passenger side works fine.
Also the HIDs, low and high beams work fine.
And info or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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