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My 2009 Buick Enclave had a hissing noise three different times. The first time, the expansion valve was replaced. The second time, it took another dealer to find the front evaporator leaking (13K miles); it was replaced and worked fine for another year or 2. The third time this happened, the rear evaporator was leaking and was replaced. Part of the issue from what I read is that the blower motor had copper brushes, and during break in (when the motor was first being used), copper particles came out and got on the evaporator, which is aluminum. Add condensation to that and eventually you will get a leak.

The dealer should take more time to diagnose using a "sniffer" device and go under the dash to check for evaporator leaks, and do the same for the rear evaporator. They can also put a dye in your system and use an ultraviolet light to check for leaks.

Part of the reason they might be brushing you off is that if it's the front evaporator, your whole dashboard has to come out. That's a huge job, and warranty work won't pay the tech enough hours to do it, so he'll possibly lose money. If it's on your dime, then I'd bet they'd be more willing since it would pay more. Be persistent with the dealer to check your car and find the problem.

An easy way to see if you might have a leak is to feel the AC lines coming out of the front cowl area. One line should be ice cold with condensation; if it isn't, you most likely have a leak.
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