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My ventilated seat was half working (seat backs was working, cushions were not) when I purchased in July which was expected. Had the retrofit done for the cushions recently and ever since the blower has been loud regardless of which setting it’s on. Dealer that did the retrofit us assuming it’s normal because every one they have installed under this campaign has been noisy. They don’t have access to a 2022 that comes from the factory with the ventilated seats being fully functional without the need for the retrofit to compare to so they said there is nothing to prove it’s an issue. The 2023s they have are not noisy at all but they seem to think that even though the 2023 is identical with exception of having the price of OnStar service for 3 years added to the price that the lack of the fan noise still doesn’t indicate something may be going on.

Anyone that has had the retrofit completed notice it being loud (specifically if you had experience with part of it functioning prior to the retrofit and did not notice any sound even when it was on the highest setting and the radio off)? Or has had the retrofit completed and hasn’t experienced a loud blower/fan? The sound is loud enough to be heard over the radio and the vents at a fairly high setting. Just curious if this is a natural characteristic for Buick overall or the 2022 or if the installing dealership is doing something incorrectly that they don’t realize on all of their installs. I admittedly am not familiar with Buick ventilated seats prior to me getting this one but I am familiar with the feature in previous non-GM vehicles I have owned
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