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2nd Row Bench - LATCH tethers

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Just ordered a CXL with 2nd row bench. Does the bench seat have the 3-point LATCH tethers in the center position as well as the outboard seats? Would love to put my daughters toddler seat in the middle position if I can.
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:-X Not 100% sure, but I don't think so. When researching this car, I seem to remember thinking that it was kind of goofy that the center seat didn't have the latch. I guess they figured that if your using the two outside latches it would be hard to squeeze a third car seat between them.
If you want a center position, use the inside latch from each of the outer seat positions. This will effectively kill the smart slide, but it is likely that a baby seat in the center would anyway due to the typical width of a baby seat. Probably why GM didn't include a center latch specifically.
OK, understood that I can use the lower latches from either of the outboard seats to anchor the bottom of the car seat...but what about the third latch...the one that uses the strap from the top of the car seat, which usually loops over the back of the seat and latches to an anchor in the floor. Is there a "floor anchor" or an anchor in the back of the seat that is positioned for the middle seat?
Ahh, sorry, didn't think about that one. Our only child is still in the rearward facing position, so we haven't had to use the center "over the back of the seat" latch yet. My suspicion is that there isn't one in the center, but I'm not sure. Of course, a lot of older cars with early latch systems don't have the center latch either, so I guess it isn't out of the question to still place the seat in the center without that connection. Probably not the absolute gold standard of safety, but if you needed to do that short term for some reason it might be perfectly safe anyway.

There are some services that will install a baby seat for you... I've never used them before. Not sure if it is the local police, fire dept., or someone else. If you find out there isn't a center latch, then ask around, find out who does that in your city/town, and take it to them when you get your Enclave. Tell them you'd like to place the seat in the center and see what they tell you re safety etc.
Both my current cars are "pre-latch" and so I have never been able to use that system - we have tethers dangling from the back of our Britax seat that we never use. That being said, I am extremely skilled at installing the old fashioned way - with the seatbelt. And, I have read that if you do it correctly, it is just as if not more effective than latch. If you get it buckled extremely snug (I went to a carseat inspection and learned how snug it can be done) it is just as safe as latch.

You may have more flexibility than you think.
There is a top tether strap mounting point in the middle position. If you use the 3-point seatbelt, you can maintain the sliding seat on the 40% side. And if anyone is interested, the Recaro Young Sport convertible seat is narrow enough to fit in the middle position while still leaving room for the 40% side to slide forward.
Interesting information! Sounds like there are a lot more possibilities than I had assumed. Good news for Enclave parents. :)
Here is a picture of the bench in an Outlook. You can see the top tether points at the base of the rear of the seat. The Enclave is the same.

Oh, and for an exercise in complete stupidity, here is a drawing showing the mounting location (C) for the top tether in our Murano. :banghead:


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