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3.6 Direct Injet and Cooled Seats -- When?

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Hi all,

I am dying to know when the Enclave will get the cooled seats and the 304 HP Direct Injection engine. I read on this forum the possibility of Sept 1 for the cooled seats. We got to work our sources to find out more info.

I have an Enclave on order but not yet accepted by the factory. I am hoping this continues as a stall tactic for my wife. I can't hold her off much longer. She wants her new Enclave right now!
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I think everything is rumor at this point. The only mention of cooled seats I have heard came from someone's salesman - not a real trusted source in my opinion. I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. I think the direct injection is going to be on the new Cadillac CTS, so I find that rumor for 2009 more plausible.

Just my $0.02.
Something to keep in mind is that the DI motor requires premium fuel, although it may get better fuel mileage to offset the higher fuel grade cost. In the end, it may end up being a wash (other than the added power).
I can share a bit of information with you direct from an inside source -- Heated and cooled seats will not be available for the 2008 model year. There are several "upgrades" in the works for the 2009 model year." It was/is unclear to me when the new model year will start for the Enclave (will it follow, like Acadia and Outlook, the summer shutdown and 2009's will turn up end of July?).

I suspect those upgrades may in fact be the cooled seats, the Heads-Up display, and some upgraded engine -- whether an option or across the model line.

Also, a bit of info on allocations in a new topic under buying/leasing.
So nothing is the next 4-5 months?
I was told nothing until the 2009 Model Year -- what was unclear was exactly when the 09 would be released -- did not seem that it would be at least until early next yr at the earliest.
I have heard nothing about a diesel and certainly not a turbo diesel. That's not to say that I would not be interested in the same performance with 30% better gas mileage.

I don't think GM has any diesels in these range for the next 18-24 months.

Canuck said:
So nothing is the next 4-5 months?

My sources say nothing till '09 except the added 2 row console option on late '08. Mine doesn't have it and we like being able to walk to rear 3rd seat, easily!

Now for '09........I hear a "Super" version with a V-8 is being worked on!! "08 sales will be the final decision maker! Acadia will call it "Denali" version of course! Time will tell!
Guys, surely this doesn't surprise you. Almost without exception ALL options for any model year of a car get announced right from the beginning. If some of those options aren't quite ready at initial roll out, they're considered "late availability" (like the 2nd row console). Car makers simply don't trickle in new options and features over a given model year. The only thing you can expect to see for a 2008 Enclave are flash updates that might address things that can be changed through software (like the transmission update on early Outlooks/Acadias).
It would be nice to know when the 2009 model will go into production.
Assuming they stay on the same schedule, it's safe to assume the switch to 2009 production would happen about the same time frame as the switch to 2008 production - June/July 2008. That's purely an educated guess on my part, though.
I work for GM and have spoken with several people about the cooled seats and HUD features. They are currently working on, and have produced a prototype HUD system that will work with the laminated windshield. They have added just a small section of the material for the imaging, only on the driver's side of course. However, its not perfected yet, but should be available next model year. Cooled seats are in the works also, but I don't have any more updates on that.
Good to know... thanks for the info!

For some of us with orders in the system, we may make it to the 2008/2009 switch next summer before our orders are accepted for production. Good to hear it might have the HUD included.
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