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3 blinks of blinker

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Have 2019 Avenir that's doing something weird.

The blinker blinks 3 times as it should under 25mph when you activate the turn signal lever, over 25 it does not do it, it does just 1 blink and turns off.

Any idea which is the correct way? My older 2014 would blink 3 times at any speed.

Thanks for any help on the matter.
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It should blind 3 times at any speed as long as you don't push the lever all the way up or down. If you hold the lever in the sprung position does it continue to blink? My wife's Malibu works that way by design.
That's the way my other enclave worked and the way I thought it should. Do you know if there is a setting in the settings menu to change it?

I am not aware of a setting for that. It's either full on or raise/lower it briefly and release for three blinks. If you hold it in the lane change position it will continue blinking until you let go.
I figured it out. I was raising/lowering the lever to much. Just go about halfway and it works just fine. My 2014 wasn't like that.

All is well now.
Glad the problem is solved.
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