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Hey, guys. My '14 Enclave has been relatively trouble-free since new. It's spent its entire life in Houston, TX, and the odometer now sits at 54K. Twice during the past week, the A/C failed to come on after starting the engine - once when cold, once when warm. All the A/C control lights were off, so I pressed the A/C button. It flashed three times, then went out. I turned off the ignition, re-started the engine, and the A/C came on as normal. Again, this happened twice in the past week!

I've Googled and YouTubed the issue, with no conclusive answer, despite finding that a lot of Lambda vehicle owners have had the same issue. They tried topping off the refrigerant, replacing the hi-lo compressor switch (?), changing out fuses and relays, replacing the ambient temperature and engine coolant sensors, even swapping out the system control head inside the car. None of those seem to be a universal fix, and dealer techs to don't seem to have a real solution. Some folks have said that when this happens to them, the ambient temperature indicator incorrectly shows 55 degrees, and/or the engine coolant temp gauge falsely indicates 160. They return to normal when the A/C begins to work again. Frankly, I didn't notice if my temp indicators also gave incorrect readings.

I don't want to start throwing parts at this issue. But,100-degree days are the norm here, so I really need some help with this. Thanks in advance.
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